The McLaren 765LT is a sports car developed by the British firm of Woking. Introduced in March 2020, it delivers 755 horsepower and is set to become the manufacturer’s new benchmark for sports driving. Its price stands at $ 358,000 for the United States, which in exchange is 330,000 euros.

The 765LT is the direct successor to the McLaren 720S. It is 45 horsepower more powerful and 80 kilos lighter, all this combined with the longtail aesthetic that in recent years has crystallized in other models such as the McLaren 600LT.


The McLaren 765LT is 4,600 millimeters long, 1,930 millimeters wide and 1,157 millimeters high, with a wheelbase of 2,670 millimeters. Its curb weight is only 1,229 kilos, the result of the efforts of the Woking designers to lighten the vehicle to the maximum to enhance its sports performance without abandoning the longtail characteristic of the Longtail.

The 765LT is 80 kilos lighter than the McLaren 720S. It does this with generous use of carbon fiber, which is ubiquitous in the vehicle. Also with the optimization of the engine construction and the elimination of elements designed for driver comfort, but which can be retrieved and equipped without any additional cost.

The search for the last gram goes so far that the license plate is also made of carbon fiber. That material is also present in the bumpers, the front splitter, the rear diffuser or the diffuser, for example. Lightweight aluminum is used on doors, rear panels, and part of the roof. The MSO personalization department can attend personalized requests and replace it with carbon fiber, in case the owner wants the car in its most extreme variant.


The McLaren 765LT is a car designed for the road, but in its original configuration it is offered without air conditioning or multimedia system in order to achieve the lightest possible vehicle. After all, the car weighs 80 kilos less than the McLaren 720S. Even so, the buyer can include them in option without any additional cost.

The search for the last gram also crystallizes in various appreciable details in the cabin. It inherits the carbon fiber seats of the McLaren Senna, which allow a saving of 18 kilos compared to those of the McLaren 720S. Reducing the thickness of the windows, the C-pillars are made of racing polycarbonate and apply carbon fiber to multiple commands, including window regulator control. The finishes are in Alcantara. For not having, it does not even have mats.


The McLaren 765LT integrates a 4.0-liter Ricardo biturbo engine, modified and prepared to reach a power of 755 horsepower with a torque of 800 Newton meters. That represents a 45 horsepower increase over the model it replaces, the McLaren 720S, which stays at 710.

The 765LT features a seven-speed SSG automatic transmission, with specific gear ratios depending on whether Comfort, Sport or Track driving mode is selected.

It reaches 330 kilometers / hour of top speed. Accelerates from 0 to 100 km / hour in 2.8 seconds. The same acceleration as the McLaren Senna, although a slightly lower tip – the Senna reaches 340. It exceeds that of the McLaren 720S by 15%. It touches 200 km / hour in 7.2 seconds.


The price of the McLaren 765LT for the Spanish market has not yet been confirmed, but in the United States it will be available from $ 358,000, which in exchange is about 330,000 euros. McLaren says that the car incorporates standard equipment worth $ 50,000, 46,000 euros, if we compare it with the list of optional 720S. Its production will be limited to 765 units.


Date Upgrade 04/07/2020 Known its price for the United States. 03/03/2020 McLaren 765LT unveiled.

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