McDonald’s Happy Meal Causes Emotional Harm to Vegetarian Kids

Today’s fast food market has been characterized as one of great value by brands such as McDonald’s, where increasingly innovative benchmarks have been established.

One aspect that we cannot lose sight of is the one that warns us of the capacity that consumers’ lifestyle habits have today.

These habits have defined very important lifestyles, which we should not lose sight of with brands like McDonald’s.

A babysitter has gotten into trouble after she bought a McDonald’s Happy Meal from two vegetarian children and the action has caused emotional damage in them, for which she was entitled to a lawsuit that puts her in check.

This anecdote has been released on Reddit, where who identified himself as a nanny announced that she was denounced for more than 12 thousand pesos, after having fed two children under her charge with chicken nuggets, when they were minors who they followed a vegetarian diet.

The nanny from the United States assures that neither the parents of the minors nor they warned her that they were following a vegetarian diet.

The woman’s testimony relates that the happy meal was bought for her as a dinner and as a reward for her good behavior, however, when the mother arrived home, she accused the nanny of mistreating for feeding her children with products of plant origin .

Lifestyles, key for brands

Lifestyles have been the great molds of the most innovative marketing strategies, because when it is possible to adapt to a trend dictated by market behavior, it is possible to innovate in the way brands respond to the consumer.

As is to be expected, an element of great help in these efforts has to do with the way in which brands have been developing tasks that manage to be innovative.

The best example of this innovation was discovered when large chains, including Burger King and McDonald’s, launched their vegetarian proposals.

Innovate in the market

Innovation in the market is increasingly being patented, as a safe bet with which brands seek to stand out in the market, with the help of increasingly definitive elements in consumer understanding.

One aspect that we cannot lose sight of today is the ability of brands to innovate and, what is even more challenging, the commitment they have to generate new guidelines in the market.

All these changes are definitive to be able to develop tasks that do not disappoint, on the contrary, they help us to better understand the market.

Elements that define brands

Betting on the lifestyles of consumers are elements that are defining brands and, above all, aspects that we cannot lose sight of, because they determine the value of a product.

Apple understood this when it made the decision to migrate to the services segment, where it is obvious that recurring income is the strong one, so it launched Apple One, a platform for all the streaming and entertainment products that it has and that has given the possibility of adapting to the new lifestyles of consumers.

Fast food, betting on new segments

The fast food market scored a great success when the industry began to integrate alternatives to substitute meat of animal origin into its menus, it was then that the sale of meat substitutes became tremendously popular.

Despite the fact that hamburgers for vegetarians were presented in the market, they immediately protested and in fact it became a small crisis for the brands, because they assured that the meat substitute that was used in their dishes was being cooked on the same plate impure where the meat of animal origin had been cooked.

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