Mbappé to Jordi Alba in Spanish: “On the street I kill you” | Barcelona

Barcelona’s defeat against him PSG leave it to Kylian Mbappé as the great protagonist of the game. His display, including a hat-trick, has allowed him to grab all the headlines, and his work on the pitch also raised blisters among Barça players, causing a dialectical confrontation with Jordi Alba.

Mbappe Y Sergiño Dest they got into a game, for which the Barcelona side apologized to the rival. Mbappé, involved in the game, answered with a dry «do not touch me». Alba, one of the veterans of the culé squad and an expert in this type of dialectical pike, entered Kylian’s game, answering the following. «Enlarge. He has asked your forgiveness».

Alba made reference to Dest’s apology, taking the opportunity to get into a brawl in which, probably, she would want to take the great star of the game out of the game. Paris Saint-Germain. Mbappe however, in perfect Spanish, he was going to surprise with his answer. «In the street, I kill you», He snapped.

Movistar + cameras detected this image, which caused the presence of a new guest at the party, Gerard Piqué. First, Alba defended himself without giving too much importance to the threat of Mbappé. «Uncle is learning, is learning », said Alba, although Piqué was going to get more serious with his comment. «But who are you going to kill?“, he claimed.

Mbappe, unleashed by his party and by the tension of the discussion, he repeated the previous sentence, in case it had not been clear to Piqué, Alba or Dest. «That in the street, I kill you ».