Mbappé or Haaland, that is the question at Real Madrid

Yesterday Mbappé, today Haaland. In two days, the French and the Norwegian have come to confirm what the world of football already knew, that they are the most present future that exists in today’s football. And for this reason, since both have carried out their exhibitions in Europe, at Real Madrid in general already Florentino Pérez in particular he has only been asked one thing: to sign them.

Both or just one, but that one of the two sees white. And is that if the Real Madrid wants to get on the train of the future, he knows that he has to scratch his pocket and get one of them because they guarantee goals, which is what he has been missing since Christian
Ronaldo He packed up.

Powerfull knight

The hypothetical signing of either of the two will not be easy. Even more so if each night they dedicate themselves to being better than the previous one since that will cause the teams that own these diamonds to ask for exorbitant amounts. Figures to which neither Madrid nor can any club arrive given the circumstances that surround it today.

Therefore, what the Real Madrid It is to use their goods, their assets, to make cash and, once the money is in hand, to undertake the signing of the one of the two that is most convenient. Mbappe or Haaland. Are they.