Mbappé-Neymar, the huge cost for PSG!

After investing 400 million euros to recruit them in 2017, Paris Saint-Germain pays a fortune each year for the salaries of Neymar and Kylian Mbappé. And it could get worse.

This is the hot issue of Paris Saint Germain, which is played behind the scenes. Leonardo, the sporting director of the capital club, must work on the contract extensions of certain major players of the club. There are the cases of Juan Bernat and Angel Di Maria, which will be free in 2021. And those of Neymar and Kylian Mbappé, hardly less urgent to resolve.

The two stars of PSG are in fact engaged until 2022. If the situation remains as it is, the Parisian leaders will be faced with a dilemma next summer: sell Mbappé or Neymar, at a reduced price, or take the risk of to see them slip away without any compensation 12 months later, which would be a huge snub. PSG would like to extend them as soon as possible. But beyond the fact that they must be convinced of the solidity of the club’s sporting project, there is a financial aspect to be taken into account.

Neymar + Mbappé, it’s 166 million per year!

PSG had spent around 400 million euros on these two players in 2017. And we must of course add the salaries of the two players, estimated at 30 million euros per year for Neymar, and 11 million for Mbappé. All of this makes for a colossal investment, as L’Equipe summarizes. “If we add the contributions and income taxes paid by the club, as well as the amortization of transfers (spread over the five seasons 2017-2022 in the balance sheets), the two players represent an annual charge of 166 M € ”, explains the daily.

This is what forces PSG, each year, to sell for around 60 million euros to balance its accounts and stay in the nails with respect to financial fair play. In case of extension (s) for one of the two stars, the situation will get even worse. Neymar will not lower his salary expectations. And Mbappé will undoubtedly ask for an equivalent treatment, or even superior, to that of his teammate.

Will PSG have the means to keep both Mbappé and Neymar? The question is valid. But we must also keep in mind that, from 2022, the amount of their transfers will no longer weigh on the club’s accounts. If the two stars are still at the club by this time, PSG will have much greater financial leeway.

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