The domestic season is about to close in Spain. What will open next, with Champions in between, is the transfer market. One of the strangest in all history, in accordance with the year 2020 that we have. It seems that no team (except the Chelsea) is in a strong economic position and that most large transfers can take the form of player exchanges. How is the topic of arrivals and departures in the Real Madrid?

First, it has been sold to Achraf to Inter Milan for 40 million and Javi Sánchez to Valladolid for 4. In addition, there are two players clearly pointed out by Zidane that in principle they should seek accommodation from now on. We are talking about Bale and James. Both have stopped participating in a grotesque way in the schemes of French, and today they are little more than an ornament on the white template. The last actions of the two, with the Welsh falling asleep in the middle of the game and the Colombian asking him not to enter in the call, they are a clear indication of their situation.

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Ostracism, almost so hurtfully, has also been suffered by other dSpanish footballers this season: Mariano and Brahim. They have barely added minutes despite the fact that Zidane likes to pull rotations and in In the beginning, they would also have to find a new team if they are interested in playing to this sport.

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The last white player to be placed in the exit ramp has been Jovic. It counts little for Zizou, he has suffered several injuries and above has been involved in various controversies off the field (especially during quarantine). He has entered on foot changed in the club and has not managed to straighten that situation in no time, what It may cost you your final departure.

As for the rest of the staff, it seems strange that there is any more movement. In any case, the return of Areola at Paris Saint Germainalthough it seems that whites would be willing to prolong the loan of the goalkeeper for one more season. In case of not staying his position would occupy it Lunin, on loan at Oviedo. If an outrageous offer from another man doesn’t come, we don’t think there are more exits in this market

Regarding the possible signings that the white club can make, all are rumors to this day. He joined Reinier in January and joined Castilla to follow in the footsteps of Vinicius and Rodrygo. The situation economic club is not the best and it seems that the large disbursements could be done in the summer of 2021, although still there are footballers who sound to reach the squad.

The first of them is Camavinga. Barely have 18 years but it has been shining in Rennes for a long time and that the whites follow in his footsteps. its youth and their physical power are the main assets of a player called to renovate a midfield with not too many men and that most of them are over thirty. If the French did not come, the other option that the club manages is that of Fabián Ruiz, Spanish midfielder for Naples. Pogba and Van de Beek sound less loud than other summers

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Another footballer whose name has sounded stronglyin the last month to be a Real Madrid player next season is Havertz. Bayer Leverkusen is raining down on offers and it seems that his favorite destination is the set of Concha Espina, but Chelsea could have an advantage over whites to sign the playmaker for next year.

Looking ahead, there is two world stars that Florentio Pérez dreams of. One of them, known for years, is Mbappé. It would be the jewel in the crown for the project. The other is Haaland, who has broken into this year with great strength in Austria and Germany. However, it seems that if there is a white offensive by both It could be from 2021.

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Finally, there is the situation of the transferred. Today those who the more options they have to play next year at Real Madrid are Lunin (depends on Areola) and Odriozola, who plays for Bayern (if you don’t buy a right back). De Frutos, Mayoral and Óscar Rodríguez (points to Villarreal) will initially be sold and the situation of others is uncertain.

It seems that Odegaard could be incorporated next year, Reguilón and Vallejo would also seek their definitive sale and with Kubo would extend the loan in a First team that could continue to be Mallorca. Ceballos can stay or leave in the form of a sale.