Mazda requests the legal protection of this logo in the form of “R” For what?

Mazda logo

Many of you may not know it yet, but the manufacturers activity of cars is not limited only to create and manufacture new models. For a vehicle to end up on the market, endless tasks have to be done. One of the least recognized, although perhaps the most important, has to do with the legal issues surrounding the project. To do this, builders usually hire the services of law firms Most important in the world.

And you will wonder What does a lawyer paint in the process of designing and developing a car? Well, a lot and it has to do with the legal protection of the names, designs and patents that are associated with that vehicle. And now we tell you what has happened so that we can propose this lead. Mazda has requested the legal protection of a logo that has driven the whole world crazy. Is a «R» and its design is what you can see in the header photo …

Rumor has it that Mazda could associate this “R” with sporty-cut models …

Mazda R patent

Mazda R patent

So that you understand this Mazda Legal Protection Application We will tell you what is known for certain. Then we will tell you what the rumors say. First, the documentation of this file has been presented at the offices of the Japan Platform for Patent Information. We have looked in other offices around the world, such as the USPTO or the EUIPO, but we have not found anything. Therefore, this logo, for the moment, is limited to its native country.

Second, it is associated with all kinds of objects. From camera, hygrometers or what interests us, cars. Therefore, we could be facing a design that finally does not end in the boot of a Mazda. Finally, indicate that the documentation was submitted very recently. To be exact, it was last June 3 and it was published on the 22nd of the same month. Therefore, it is still in the study and approval period for its use.

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Having said that, we will tell you the rumors that are already circulating around this design. According to various sources, we could be faced with two options. First, that Mazda is developing a new range of sports models. Second, that it is the logo that identifies those models that mount a «Rotary» motor in vain. In fact, we cannot deny that the triangular shapes and the colors of the “R” could thus suggest it.

And so far we can read, because everything else is hints and rumors. We will have to be very attentive to legal movements that Mazda will carry out in the coming weeks. Nor would we be surprised if the link to the JPPI could disappear, because even finding it has taken us a long time searching. We will keep up to date, because if Mazda is preparing something big, this may be the thread to pull to find out …

Source – Japan Platform for Patent Information – JPPI

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