Mazda 3 e-Skyactiv-X | Video | Feedback

In the in-depth test of the Mazda 3, we ended up defining this compact as elegant. It is on the outside, which is different from the rest of the market proposals, evolving the Kodo design one step further. Also inside, with a cabin that exudes quality, both for the materials used and the workmanship. Without looking to overwhelm with screens and technology, but to feel comfortable and that the driver focuses on driving.

The icing on the Mazda 3 e-Skyactiv-X is put by a standard equipment with which it compensates for the somewhat higher price that is paid for other general compact. Of course, it includes elements for which you have to pay a high surcharge in premium brand cars. Of course, with its exterior length it frees from small rear seats and trunk behind its rivals.

But the best thing is, if possible, to drive it. Because it is not a car that takes you to the places, but it is one of the few that one continues to drive. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a difficult car to drive, but it does require one to be more involved in driving, especially with the manual gearbox.

The e-SkyActiv-X engine is a marvel for its smoothness and, with the improvements introduced in recent months (hence the initial e) it gains some torque and driving under normal circumstances is more relaxed. It has the ECO label and costs little. Very little to have 186 hp of power that, yes, we still have to look for them in the upper area of ​​the lap counter. But that, those of us who like to drive… we don’t care.

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