Mayweather’s latest eccentricity: gifted a precious diamond watch to his newborn grandson

The photo Iyanna Mayweather shared of her son (Photo: moneyyaya) The photo Iyanna Mayweather shared of her son (Photo: moneyyaya)

Floyd mayweather He relied on a pristine boxing record and on his ability in the ring to become a green billing machine. Away from professional sports, the former world champion found a way to remain center stage with his eccentricity and ostentation. To the 43 years became grandfather a month ago and, how could it be otherwise, the first present his grandson was plagued with financial bragging.

“Got him his first Rolex”Iyanna Mayweather, the mother of the newborn Kentrell Jr., wrote on her social networks. The message was accompanied by a photo of the baby’s small left arm who was born in January and in it a luxurious watch of his size.

According to the British newspaper The Sun, the model would be an Oyster Perpetual Datejust that has a starting price of about $ 45,000. However, the photo makes it clear that it is a personalized type with diamonds encrusted on the strap and on the circumference. “Which could raise the cost to six figures”They warned in the aforementioned medium.

It wasn’t the only gift for little KJS, as he also had a ride on his grandfather’s plane. “First trip by plane”His mother Yaya wrote on her Instagram account when she shared the photo of her son with his father.

Floyd also took his one-month-old grandson on his first plane trip (Photo: moneyyaya) Floyd also took his one-month-old grandson on his first plane trip (Photo: moneyyaya)

The boxer withdrew from official action in August 2017 with the millionaire presentation to UFC star Conor McGregor, although his last fight against a boxer was in September 2015 with a unanimous decision win over Andre Berto. Since then, The Money continues to be news every month for different reasons.

Habitually, Floyd can be seen at various events with watches valued at several thousand dollars. These accessories are one of his favorites, to the point of having held one of 18 million dollars – according to him – and another of a similar figure.

That is why he decided to give this first eccentric gift to his grandson Kentrell, who is the son of the rapper known as Youngboy (Kentrell DeSean Gaulden, 21) with Iyanna (20 years old), one of the four daughters that the former boxer has. “I know I have a wild life: cars, jewelry, money, travel, everything. But you know what? I love my watches “said the former boxer in a story he published in the last hours and where he advertised a watch company.

Floyd has planned an exhibition with youtuber Logan Paul, but that evening that was to be held in February was postponed without an official date for the moment. In December 2018, the former world champion who retired 50-0 held a similar event against Japanese kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa.


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