Mayweather clearly dominates Logan Paul in another controversial boxing display

Former Undefeated American Champion Floyd mayweather did not want to work hard, but just let the boxing exhibition show against the YouTuber Logan paul that took place at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens (Florida) concluded in the eight episodes to which it was agreed.

Mayweather He did not want to defeat Paul, but unsurprisingly dominated his amateur rival throughout the eight rounds of the exhibition match.

The 50-0 pro boxer had no trouble overcoming height and weight handicaps and always sought to be at the correct distance.

Paul managed to hit some strong blows to Mayweather, but clearly it was impossible for him to overcome an opponent considered one of the best fighters in boxing history.

The exhibition was scheduled for eight rounds of three minutes each and Mayweather Y Paul they wore 10-ounce gloves. There were also no judges or official reading of the winner.

The Florida State Boxing Commission did not make the fight official due to the great disparity in size and level of experience, although it did provide Samuel Burgos as a referee.

The show, which will not be on the professional records of either fighter, was promoted by Mayweather Promotions.

Mayweather landed 43 total hits for 27 of Paul, according to Compubox.

Of those 43 strokes of Mayweather, 36 were of power. Paul hit 21 power. Mayweather landed 17 to the body compared to a single body shot from Paul.

Paul he couldn’t weigh more than 190 pounds (86.1 kilos) for the fight and came in on Friday at 189.5 pounds (85.9 kilos). Mayweather weighed 155 pounds.

Logan paul measures 1.88 and Floyd mayweather only 1.76. In age, the difference is also wide, since Paul He is 26 years old and Mayweather 44.


The fight between Mayweather and Paul Logan, in pictures

Mayweather had stated to TMZ that its earnings for this show would be between $ 50 million to $ 100 million (between $ 41 million and $ 82 million), depending on revenue through the “pay-per-view” system.

It is speculated that Paul would have earned two million dollars (1.64 million euros).

Boxing purists argue if these types of events are damaging the sport, since in an official fight it would be impossible for boxing commissions to allow a match of a former world champion against a fighter who has a 0-1 record.

But the promoters of the exhibition are planning to mount another between Mayweather and the brother of Paul, Jake logan, should he defeat the former UFC welterweight champion Tyron woodleym next August 28.

In the same statements to TMZ, Mayweather He said “for me, it’s a win-win situation, but I’m in a no-win situation because if I knock him out quick in the first round, they’re going to say, ‘Ah, this wasn’t worth it.’

Added that Jake paul it’s “probably” his next fight.

Mayweather faced former UFC champion in 2017, Conor mcgregor, in an exhibition that also raised strong criticism.

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