Mayweather challenges Jake Paul with a blunt condition


, after fighting the youtuber

Logan paul
In an exhibition that raised a lot of controversy among boxing purists, and in which the undefeated American did not fully use himself to make the fight last the eight rounds agreed, now he wants to go for Jake’s brother, also youtuber Jake Paul .

At the press conference prior to this exhibition, A huge mess broke out between Floyd and Jake when the latter took Mayweather’s cap off. The thing ended in a brawl that left Jake with a black eye and a bloody lip.

This, together with the provocations of Jake, make Floyd have his eyes on the possibility of facing Logan’s younger brother, the result of what seems more like a show with a clear script to provoke another fight that has a large audience.

After fighting Logan, Mayweather has already started to heat up the atmosphere by proposing a fight with Jake, although this time, on one condition: “a real fight.”

“Jake Paul talked about him and me fighting in a real match. If it’s a real fight, then I’ll move on to my real fight weight class, which is 147 pounds or 154 pounds.. If Jake Paul can drop to 154 pounds, then we can see his abilities. “he commented, challenging Jake in a chat with youTuber Rob Moore.

The exhibition against Logan Paul was scheduled for eight rounds of three minutes each and Mayweather and Paul wore 10-ounce gloves. There were also no judges or official reading of the winner. And besides, Mayweather was seen inadvertently crushing his rival. This time, wanting “a real fight”, things could be very different.

Floyd Mayweather and Jake Paul had it during an act

The little brother of Paul already won by knockout at Former NBA player Nate Robinson and former fighter Ben Askren, both without level for the occasion, so a “real” fight against Mayweather would be another story. What’s more, Mayweather could arrive wanting to crush, the opposite of what he did before his brother, since Jake Paul has taken advantage of the moment when he took off Mayweather’s cap to make cash. First, he got a tattoo with the initials GOTCHA (“I have your cap”) and has taken advantage of the pull to get a brand with the same name.

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