Mayor wanted for the post-pandemic

Tremendous mess formed the Electoral Board of New York with the vote counting of the primaries of June 22 to choose the Democratic candidate for the November elections when the successor of Mayor Bill de Blasio is defined.

The Board had to go through the shame of withdrawing the results of the voting that it had published; all due to the supposed discrepancy in the data, when counting the test ballots with the real votes at the same time, a tremendous error that leaves the electoral system in a bad situation of mistrust.

The numbers showed Eric Adams with an advantage over Kathryn García, who thanks to the counting and recounting of the preferential vote managed to arrive in second place in favoritism. But not so fast, because the election has not ended and 134,000 test ballots of the new preferential voting system were mistakenly counted, since each voter could choose up to five candidates in the order they liked.

Fortunately, it cannot yet be said that the results were in limbo, since the count was not to determine the final vote and it remains to be known who would be the winner among those who sent some 124,000 ballots by mail, otherwise the controversy would be that it burns.

The surprises were several because Garcia moved closer to victory by reducing the advantage of the Brooklyn Borough President and being less than 15,000 votes behind Adams.

But Andrew Yang, who looked like the big favorite according to preliminary polls, and Maya Wiley, who was following him, went out of the way with the counting and retelling of the favorites.

The truth is that so far there are no winners or losers, and everything can change because July 6 will be the final count, when it will be known who will be the Democratic party candidate that will face Republican Curtis Sliwa in the November 3 elections.

That decision is vital for the Big Apple, it is not just that it is about the electoral renewal of the tenant in the mayor’s office, in lower Manhattan. We need to elect a mayor who can take the city in better directions after the pandemic.

A mayor who guarantees the return of the sense of security that seems lost due to the proliferation of crimes with firearms and attacks on the subway.

A mayor is needed who can revive the economy in crisis; in essence the mayor who puts an end to the pandemic.

Sofía Villa is Producer Writer Univision NY. This column was prepared in a personal capacity by the author and her views do not represent Univision Communications Inc.

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