Maximum elegance, Shakira shows her great beauty and class with a cute outfit

Maximum elegance, Shakira shows her great beauty and class with a cute outfit (INSTAGRAM)

Maximum elegance, Shakira shows her great beauty and class with a cute outfit | INSTAGRAM

The beautiful Colombian singer Shakira has shown that she is one of the most elegant and beautiful entertainment stars, so this time she reaffirmed it with this beautiful black outfit that outlined her silhouette.

It is a photograph that her fans rescued on a fan page in which we can see the Colombian with her blond hair leaning against what appears to be an elegant door all securely assembled in a professional photo studio.

The fans are so happy with the Photography They have shared it on many occasions, also commenting on how much they like it, how natural and beautiful it is, because we know that it has been preserved through the years very well and its beauty only grows day by day.

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Apart from having an excellent ability to move the hips and sing the Waka Waka, Shakira has also shown her great talent for posing in photographs, this thanks to the fact that she puts a lot of effort, dedication and above all heart into everything she does, getting to be very good in a short time, as well as one of the best creators of musical entertainment of all times.

The singer’s calm gaze is something that has always conveyed a peace that fans like a lot. There are even many women who identify her as a strong representative of female power, being one of the few celebrities who causes this sensation among Internet users.

It seems that Shakira became a real Barbie by looking this way, which by the way makes her look very natural and young.

The beautiful and talented woman has formed a beautiful family of four, all the fruit of the great love that Shakira and her partner, the footballer Gerard Piqué, have for each other, their beautiful little children Sasha and Milan, the pride of famous parents.

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We know that, for more than ten years, this pair of lovers have been dating, and from the beginning they have been very serious, until now they have shown love as if it were the first time, and it is that in addition to Shakira they have dedicated beautiful songs to her husband and children, she is seen to be much happier and loved than in her past.

There is no doubt that over the years the name of Shakira has become increasingly important when it comes to talking about Latin music, since the beautiful Colombian has a spectacular voice.

Since the beginning of her career in the 90s, the interpreter of “Antología” has known perfectly how to reinvent herself and adapt to new musical styles, thus managing to stay at the top of the music charts around the world.

Shakira has been very active in her official social networks, despite the fact that she and her family are very reserved regarding her private life, this time, sometimes she shows us a little more her private spaces, such as her room and even using much more comfortable and loose clothing.

It should be remembered that “El Dorado World Tour” was the sixth world tour of the Colombian singer and songwriter, likewise, the tour was held in support of her ninth studio album, “El Dorado” of 2017, with a total of 54 shows Across the globe, Shakira toured Europe, Asia, North America and Latin America.