Maximilian Günther: “Formula E is untouchable and has a great future”

Maximilian Günther considers that the departure of Audi and BMW does not affect the position of Formula E in motorsport. The German rider believes that the electric competition has a splendid future and wants to continue in the series.

Maximilian Günther faces his third season in Formula E, second as a BMW i Andretti driver. Although the German firm’s project has an expiration date and the Munich brand will leave the electrical contest at the end of this year, Günther considers Formula E to have a splendid future despite losing Audi and BMW. In fact, the German pilot considers that the series has an untouchable status by the technology on which it is based and the involvement of manufacturers within a scenario in which the automotive industry has taken a very clear path.

Though Maximilian Günther is directly affected by the departure of BMW and is obliged to look for alternatives if he wants to continue in Formula E, the German driver considers that these movements between manufacturers do not affect the position of the contest: «From my point of view, I see a very bright future for Formula E. It is a pity that Audi and BMW have decided to exit the championship, but I think there are big manufacturers and a list of brands that want to join the championship. The Formula is untouchable and has a great future. It is one of the most important championships in the world and I think it will continue like this for a long time.

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Regarding his personal situation, Günther added: « For this year I have nothing else outside of Formula E. You can never say anything, but right now I’m focused on Formula E. In fact, I see the contest as the focus of my main program also in the future. That is what I want to do, to drive in a World Championship. It is true that there are other things like LMDh that I think will offer great opportunities. Racing one of them as an addition to Formula E would be interesting. Definitely, competing with a hypercar or an LMDh is something that I would be interested in doing alongside Formula E».