Maxi Iglesias to star in the movie ‘Backpackers’ on Netflix

Maxi Iglesias will star in ‘Mochileros’, Netflix’s first Peruvian original film They are accompanied in the cast of this romantic comedy, directed by Bruno Ascenzo, Stephanie Cayo, Wendy Ramos and Vicente Vergara, among others

The Peruvian cities of Cusco, Puno and Paracas will host the filming of ‘Backpackers’ (working title), Netflix’s first Peruvian original film directed by Bruno Ascenzo (‘Cu4tro’, ‘A los 40’, ‘Soltera coveiciada’) and which will star Maxi Iglesias and Stephanie Cayo. It is a romantic comedy that will tell the story of Salvador Campodónico, a successful Spanish businessman whose family owns the largest hotel corporation in Spain. For the construction of their first international project they choose to land in front of a world wonder: Cusco, navel of the world. There he meets Ariana, a backpacker adventurer who lives a completely different life from his own, free from ties, and who he will love and hate as they get to know each other. Will they be able to walk the same route?

Produced by Tondero, the film completes its cast with Wendy Ramos, Vicente Vergara, Amiel Cayo, Anaí Padilla, Renata Flores, Jely Reategui, Alberik García, Mayela Llocylla, Muki Sabogal, Rodrigo Palacios and Carlos Carlin.

This is the fifth international project in which Maxi participates, whom we have seen lately in series such as ‘Valeria’, ‘La cocinera de Castamar’ or ‘Physics and chemistry: The reunion’, and which has already been part of the cast of productions in Miami, Mexico, Colombia and Argentina.

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