Maxell sues Apple again for infringing on feature patents on iPhone, iPad and other devices

In total they would be infringements of 12 patents registered by Maxell. It is not the first time that this manufacturer has sued Apple.

Once again the manufacturers of electronic products Maxell, they charge against Manzana. The Japanese are going to court to sue the Cupertino-based company for allegedly infringing 12 patents. They would be involved in functions that Apple executes in iPhone, iPad and other devices of its brand such as Manzana Watch or Mac.

Specifically, among the functions that is most present in the alleged infractions, is that of Facetime. This appears in five patents, as detailed by AppleInsider. Likewise, there are photographic functions for recording audio, Internet signal or location location, in cell phones.

The leaked lawsuit document lists each of the functions that Apple performs. However, in a report that Maxell delivered to justice, he details each piece of equipment or device that was used.

Although most of these functions are present in iPhone and iPad, the review indicates that there are also patents applied to smartwatch and computers of the brand.

Apple Vs. Maxell

One of the patents that can be read in detail is that of the camera software on iPhones. Maxell says that the white balance that the iPhone app uses to take pictures is patented by them. Also, the facial recognition in the gallery to sort the folders by people, would also have been the idea of ​​the developers of the Japanese corporation.

The aforementioned portal reports that it is not the first time that Maxell has sued Apple. They reveal that there are two other open court processes, which began in 2019 and 2020. They add that in some cases there are appeals, due to a court ruling in Apple’s favor.