Robert Drysdale, the corner leader of newcomer to the UFC, lightweight Max Rohskopf, explained his decision to ignore his fighter’s call to stop the fightto.

Drysdale is a Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt and former light heavyweight in the UFC. Rohskopf came in with a 5-0 record and was the betting favorite getting into the fight with fellow vet Austin Hubbard, despite taking the fight only five days in advance.

In an interview with MMA Fighting, Drysdale commented:

I do not regret. I did the right thing. I would do it again. If he could change one thing, he would have insisted more because he was not hurt. The coach’s job is to take the athlete to the extreme technically, physically and mentally. I think he lost his head there. He got tired and his head got weak ”

“I am a coach, it is my obligation … I want the best for him, I care about him and it’s my duty to give him a mental boost” “Brother, don’t give up, you won’t give up.” I do that every day in the gym, he is tired and I say: “One more round”. That’s my job. If I’m there, and I let the boy give up at the first adversity, I’m not doing my job well. ”

If I was the one on the stool, tired, dead, I would expect my coaches to do the same to me. Never let me give up. It is the job of the coach. I want excellence from my fighters, I want nothing more than excellence. I am not mistaken. People will speak, let them speak, but I was not wrong “

This was a very interesting situation, to be sure. While critics are right that if Rohskopf wanted to leave, then the fight should have stoppedDrysdale is right that it is a job for cornerbacks to push their fighter.

It seems to be a lose-lose situation in general, and in the end, what everyone is forgetting is how awesome Hubbard was in the victory.

Drysdale disagrees that Rohskopf was “too green” for the UFC and predicts a bright future for him within the octagon.