The movement in favor of kneeling during the interpretation of the national anthem by athletes in the United States had a new defender this Thursday, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban Who assured that he will do it together with his players, if they wish.

06/19/2020 at 10:13


Cuban’s new position, who three years ago was completely against the players kneeling and supported the position of President Donald Trump, made it known during an interview that was broadcast on ESPN’s « Outside the Lines ».

« If they knelt down and were respectful, I would be proud of them. I hope to join them, » Cuban replied. to the question about the possibility that the players of his team would take that position.

The NBA, permissive

The current NBA rules state that players and coaches must represent the national anthem, but Cuban commented that he hopes the league can adapt and « allow players to do what they want. »

« Whether you’re raising your arm in the air, Whether he’s kneeling, whatever it is, I don’t think it’s a matter of respect or disrespect for the flag, to the anthem or to our country, « argued Cuban.

The Mavericks owner noted that « this is more a reflection of the commitment of our players to this country and the fact that it is so important to them that they are willing to say what is in their hearts and do what they think is right. « 

Agreement with the League

Cuban said that any final decision always It would be in full agreement with NBA Commissioner Adam Silver and Executive Director of the Players Union, Michele Roberts.

Regarding his change of position with respect to the athletes who kneel, Cuban said that since 2017 new realities have taken place and it has evolved.

« I think it is time to grow as a society and work together in search of a better future for minority communities, » argued Cuban.. « There are challenges that we will have to overcome together. »

One of those realities is the creation of the Black Lives Matter movement, formed after the death of the black man George Floyd while was in police custody in Minneapolis, and which is supported by a large number of NBA players, who do not want to return to the competition scheduled for July 30 in Orlando