Mauro Icardi’s wife uploads a selfie to Instagram with a transparent bra and the networks wonder if it will be censored

Wanda nara he has a lot of free time due to confinement in France. Icardi’s wife cannot go shopping or go to fashion events as she used to do due to measures to stop the spread of the coronavirus, so she is dedicated to taking care of her children and training at home. From her mansion it is also normal to see her upload burning selfies with which she sweeps on Instagram.

With the last of them he has also done it. The Argentine influencer and representative has published a photograph in which she appears in front of a mirror, perfectly combed and made up and with a transparent bra that leaves very little to the imagination, a pose that many wonder even if it could be censored by Instagram due to what can be seen …

«A quarantine to gain weight and another to train, I must say that in the one to gain weight I was very happy … In this later I will tell you », said a few days ago Wanda Nara in reference to this second confinement, explaining that in the first one she gained weight and that now she does sports daily to continue maintaining that figure of which he usually boasts on his social networks.

The first quarantine was spent at his house on the lake in northern Italy, but this has caught him in Paris, as Mauro Icardi plays for PSG, which had already started the season when Covid-19 grew again in France. The Argentine is looking forward to the best figures to be able to go out again with her friends, the PSG WAGs and other influencers with whom she also usually uploads photos on her Instagram account, where it has more than seven million followers.