Mauricio Claver-Carone, US candidate for the presidency of the Inter-American Development Bank, in a file photo .

The shade chosen by Mauricio Claver-Carone surprised. The advisor National Security for the Western Hemisphere was forceful: he spoke of “attempted kidnapping”Of the elections in the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) to be carried out by member countries – remotely – between September 12 and 13. The candidate of the House White presiding over the credit agency, he pointed out that it was the government of Alberto Fernandez the one who led that crusade against his application.

From the narrow circle of Claver-CaroneHowever, they were not disturbed by the words chosen by the man born in the state of Florida. They were carefully selected. « Lasted? Why hard? It wasn’t hard, it drew a line« , Told Infobae a collaborator of the advisor of Donald Trump for Latin America. « Those on the other side of the line are those who want to change the rules of the game, countries where there is no legal certainty”He added.

Those « rules of the game« To which they refer from the team that brings proposals to Claver-Carone are the ones that the North American candidate, the first of that nationality, clung to the IDB since the creation of the credit entity in 1959 in Washington. On July 9, it was decided to postpone the Bank’s Annual Meeting for the first half of September. In it, new candidates would be voted to command it.

On July 27, the IDB secretariat opened the nomination process. It was at that moment that the House White caused astonishment in the other countries of the region by nominating the expert in America Latin and former Executive Director of International Monetary Fund (IMF), an organization about which it still maintains talks today. Despite the shock that the appointment represented, only Brazil had a candidate whom the government of Jair Bolsonaro He preferred to withdraw from the race.

At that March assembly, it was also agreed that new authorities would be voted on in the next session and that it would be done digitally, by videoconference platform. In this way, « no one would have the excuse of a missed flight that did not arrive in Washington on time”. Still the name of Claver-Carone not listed.

In the advisory circle of the lawyer of Florida They consider that trying to move the election date now is an unfair move and that it will mark where each of the players is. « That’s the line”. That is why they trust that some of the countries that oppose the man of Trump They will do it only verbally, that is, they will not participate in the boycott that they suspect is Argentina. « They even abstain or vote against”.

Mauricio Claver Carone accused Argentina of trying to « hijack » the elections at the Inter-American Development Bank, the entity for which he is running as president (Mauricio Claver-Carone Press)

Likewise, that « obstruction » of the elections denounced today by the official of the State Department would not prosper, according to the calculations they do at their side. « They know they cannot win. So they think they can block the quorum”, They explain off the record. This quorum is essential and requires 75 percent of the IDB governors for the annual meeting to be held.

Some countries, such as Argentina, are more representative within the body. But others, on the other hand, are featherweight when it comes to showing gloves. The calculator does not cheat. « They need 25 percent, and between Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Costa Rica and Nicaragua they only meet 22.68%. This is if all those countries decide not to appear before the assembly, which we believe will not happen. Not everyone would agree to block the quorum”, They remarked.

Europe He already exposed his doubts, asked Infobae. « The European Union does not vote. Only some countries do it and individually”, They clarify near Claver-Carone. They are confident that the more developed nations with stronger institutions play by the rules. Nor would they risk the state United respond in the same way in future meetings in other multilateral organizations. « That line does not cross”.

Chile was one of the first to respond to the press conference. It was through his chancellor, Andrew Allamand, who described as “aggressive”The words of the American diplomat. The posture of Santiago surprised some on the mainland. They believe that the government of Sebastian Pinera it tries to create a more progressive agenda and conform to an important part of Chilean society, tired of its erratic policies in social matters. Andrés Manuel López Obrador, is another similar case, although it maintains excellent relations with the White House. However, they are confident that neither state will boycott the September 12 meeting.

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