Emblematic sailor, Maud Fontenoy (43) has also made a name for herself in the political world for her ecological commitment aimed at protecting the oceans. On the private side, the creator of the Maud Fontenoy association gave birth to her first son Mahé, the fruit of her love with Thomas Vollaire, in 2008 in Reunion. Some time later, the couple separates and Maud decides to go and start a new life in Polynesia. In June 2013, Maud gave birth to her second child in Papeete, a girl named Hina. A year later in 2014, the first woman to paddle across the Pacific Ocean (in 2005) enlarged her family and gave birth to a baby boy, Loup. (whose father is the philosopher Raphaël Enthoven). Regarding these two pregnancies, the spokesperson for Unesco never wished to reveal the names of the dads herself.

I no longer believed in love

While she thought she was no longer living a love story, Maud then crossed paths with Olivier Chartier (regional advisor in the Var) after giving a conference on the protection of the oceans within her foundation. Under the spell, but still shaken by her past relationships, Maud is at first reluctant to the advances of Olivier. “I had a hard time trusting him. I no longer believed in love. Too afraid to be disappointed. It took me a while to get involved in our relationship. Like I expected. to see the mask fall … and discover that he was going to lie to me like the others. Or cheat on me. Or force me “, she revealed in 2018 at Paris Match. Filled and in love, Maud finally let go of her shell and married the former right-hand man of Jean-Pierre Raffarin on May 26, 2018. A little over a year later, on June 19, 2018, the vice-president of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur regional council announces the birth of its fourth child, a little boy named Côme.

“Me, I had to wait 40 years to find the perfect man, I decided for the first time to get married and I have never been so happy. To be loved for who you are is wonderful. “she explained in June 2019 to the magazine Closer. Finding Prince Charming always happens when you least expect it …