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MIAMI. With the agenda as full as ever, but with the same enthusiasm as their first days as professional artists, the Venezuelan singer-songwriters Mau and Ricky assured, in an interview, that everything they do is related to “authenticity” and “love”, including his new song 3 in the morning ”, which marks the beginning of a new stage.

“Each album represents the moment in which we are as men and as artists,” explained Mau, who revealed that the song, for which they invited the Colombian Sebastián Yatra and the Puerto Rican Mora, is the first single from their next album, which they aspire to deliver later this year or early next year.

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“Just as we did in ‘For Adventures and Curiosities’ and ‘Rifresh’, the new production will be a reflection of who we are. I am not the same as I was before the pandemic, for example, neither personally nor musically. We all change and as artists is what we present in our work, ”added Ricky.

The artists are also preparing their reality show “Los Montaner”, with their entire family, as well as a tour and the digital concert that they will give on May 31 from the Dominican Republic with their father, Ricardo Montaner; his sister Evaluna and his brother-in-law Camilo.

To capture the musical evolution of Mau and Ricky, you have to look beyond the rhythmic basis of most of their songs, which are based on the dembow of reggaeton. The brothers remain firmly anchored in the music that their generation listens to.

Ricardo Montaner’s youngest children have focused their efforts on “playing” with sounds, percussion cuts, a plurality of instruments and rhythms, and an increasingly close way of exploring couple relationships “at all times”.

For them, “the way of making and writing love songs has changed, but that does not make them less romantic,” they declared.

They do not go further than the lyrics of some of his father’s songs to underline that talking about sex and fleeting encounters in music is not current.

“Before, composers used a more flowery language, full of metaphors. Now more direct expressions are used, a much more colloquial language and day to day; but that does not mean that work is not done and that they are not love themes, “said Ricky.

Musically, they explained that they always compose with a guitar, many times sitting outdoors, looking out over Biscayne Bay from the dock of the house in Miami Beach where they have set up their studio. Then they “dress” the songs in the studio, but first they make sure they are “naked”.


In addition to their compositions and preparing their next tour “Panas y parceros” through the United States, Mexico and Europe, with the Colombian band Piso 21, Mau and Ricky have been participating in the recordings of “Los Montaner” for weeks.

“It’s a different experience because we’ve never had cameras behind us at all times, but we decided to do it as a family because many times fans tell us they want to see more of what we do. We try to make them feel close on social media, but those are just moments. With the reality show they can really see how we are, ”said Mau.

Although they recognize that spaces of their privacy are kept “like anyone who does not tell everyone about their life”, Mau and Ricky assure that they feel “a lot of love” for those who support them and all the members of their famous family.

“Our fans are the best. We are more than grateful to them and we really love them very much. Without them we would not be anyone in this industry ”, they stressed.


Currently the release date of the “reality” is being decided and where it will be broadcast, while the recordings continue. The “most outstanding” event of the first season will be the concert that they will give as a family in the beautiful setting of “Los Altos de Chavón”, in the Dominican Republic.

“We are still deciding the repertoire, but the concept is that we exchange songs,” said Ricky.

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For example, they will perform songs by their brother-in-law Camilo, their sister Evaluna and their father, and they will do the same.

There will be times when everyone will be on stage. “These are things we do as a family, but we had never shared it with the public,” explained Mau.

After a year and a half off the stage, the artists are counting the days because “the pandemic hit us all and that communion with the public singing and dancing is something that does us all good,” said Ricky

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