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It is no surprise to find stories featuring young people and adolescents in the catalogs of any streaming platform or online channel. With perfect bodies, detailed styles, and enviable smiles.

But if there is a trend that is beginning to reach television in the American continent, it is to show middle-aged characters, without filters and according to their life experiences, with women as protagonists.

The most recent case is Mare of Easttown, a crime series that brought Kate Winslet back to television after 10 years. In the critically acclaimed HBO production, the actress plays a detective investigating murders in a small Pennsylvania town.

The disheveled image, with baggy clothes, disheveled hair and almost no makeup is far from the character that Winslet played in the series Mildred Pierce located in the social glamor of the thirties; and it is even further removed from the dazzling image that Rose DeWitt marked on Titanic 24 years ago.

“I play Mare as a middle-aged woman, I will turn 46 in October, and I think that’s why people have connected with the character, since there are clearly no filters. She is an imperfect and fully functioning woman, with a body and a face that move according to her age, her life and her origin. We are hungry for something like that, “the actress told The New York Times.

At Mare of Easttown, there was a scene that attracted attention. Her character has sex with Richard Ryan – played by Guy Pierce – and at one point the bulging abdomen of the actress is observed.

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“And she did not want them to take it away, she wanted to show herself as she is because, of course, she is a 45-year-old woman who has three children,” highlights the television specialist, Alexandra Bretón. “It is wonderful that it can be seen on the screen, it is necessary to accustom the public to seeing heroines like this.”

Mare of Easttown is one of the several series that have opted for different characters, more attached to their reality and without beauty filters as was customary. Other productions such as Homecoming, with Julia Roberts or How to get away with murder, starring Viola Davis have paid to show middle-aged women as leaders.

“Television is reclaiming women who are not afraid of growing old and showing themselves as they are. That is incredible now because it turns out that the most interesting characters in Hollywood or in other parts of the world are women over their 40s, something that did not happen before ”.

Although the trend is growing in American television productions, this phenomenon has a history with several years on its way, mainly in Europe.

“There they have at least seven years putting older women as stellar. There is Happy Valley –with Sarah Lancashire–, which has a police officer who, like Kate Winslet, is worth everything: she does not put on makeup, she does not comb her hair so that they know her as she is ”.

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Another case is Vera – starring Brenda Blethyn. In the United Kingdom, the series has been going on for several seasons and she is a 74-year-old woman, no less successful, as it is a series that everyone sees there ”, details Alexandra Bretón.

Hollywood has little by little turned to tell these types of stories. Almost at a lead pace, since the middle-aged women that she shows on screen still maintain some aesthetic stereotypes.

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