Matthew Morrison (Glee) will be the Grinch … and the internet doesn’t like the idea

Morrison will be the Grinch in a Christmas television special, but the reaction to his makeup and appearance is not being very good and many are calling his recruitment unpleasant.

Actor Matthew Morrison will be the Grinch.

The actor is known for his role as Will Schuester on Glee and has even been nominated for Tony Awards, so he will surely do well in his performance, but viewers have not wanted to wait to see the project to launch their strong opinions:

“I was watching the Thanksgiving festival and my eyes were attacked by a promo for the new Grinch musical with Matthew Morrison. NBC woke up and chose violence. « 

Therapist: Matthew Morrison as the Grinch can’t hurt you.

Matthew as the Grinch— « 

« When we thought that 2020 couldn’t get worse. »

« I’m sure Morrison as the Grinch is a war crime. »

« The day started well, but then I saw Matthew Morrison as the Grinch, so now I’ll go. »

The Dr. Seuss Christmas special will air on December 9 and will also feature Booboo Stewart as Max. Hopefully the opinions improve by then. The truth is that we must remember that, at the time, Jim Carrey’s makeup as the bitter Who was not well received, but now it is considered a classic.

Grinch matthew morrison

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