Matthew McConaughey remains hell-bent on becoming governor of Texas, and he has a chance

Matthew McConaughey’s idea of ​​running for governor of Texas in 2022 is getting closer to becoming a real possibility. According to Politico, the actor has been making shadow calls to some of the most influential positions in Texas politics, and from what the data indicates, perhaps the play will not go all wrong.

The results revealed by a survey conducted by the University of Texas and the Dallas Morning News suggest that the protagonist of ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ could have 45% of popular support. The current governor, Greg Abbot, has 33% support, so the actor has already taken advantage of the current alternative.

These were the words of the actor in the podcast The Balanced Voice: “I am seriously considering it because I think I have some things to teach and share, but what is my role? What is my category in the next chapter of my life in which I’m going in?”. McConaughey could become the governor of the state that gave him birth with a majority support of the Democrats, although Bekah Congdon, vice president of the Texas branch of the Libertarian Party, has said the actor “is neither a Republican nor a Democrat.” He defines himself politically as a centrist.

Following in his footsteps

McConaughey is by no means the first to decide to change interpretation for politics. Former President Ronald Reagan also put his acting career on hold to become the first governor of California, and later the 40th president of the country. Another striking case was that of Arnold Schwarzenegger, who lasted 8 years as governor of the same state. Without a doubt, the most familiar turn for everyone is that of Donald Trump, who after many cameos as an actor managed to use all that fame to become president of the United States.

Cynthia Nixon, the actress who plays Miranda in ‘Sex and the City’ would try in 2018 to appear in the primaries for the Democratic party, but did not achieve her goal. Another similar case was that of rapper Kanye West, who jumped into the pool aiming to be president of the United States and took a significant hit.

We are also looking out for the mother of the Kardashian clan, Caitlyn Jenner, who aspires to become the next governor of California.

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