The former Swedish tennis player Mats Wilander He gave an interview to UbiTennis where he took stock of everything that happened in the world of tennis in recent weeks, emphasizing what happened on the Adria Tour a few weeks ago, where many tennis players who participated in the event tested positive for coronavirus.

-What happened a few weeks ago on the Adria Tour:

“I interviewed Djokovic on the first day of the Adria Tour and was very happy with how everything had been organized. He said with tears in his eyes that he wanted to help everyone. As far as I am concerned, the responsibility for what happened lies with the Serbian government. He has not been paid for his naivete in wanting to do the right thing. Having said that, I am worried about the season. Over the days we are seeing how the number of cases is increasing and there are many possibilities that in a few months there will be some countries that are confined again. “

-US Open door open or closed:

“Obviously the tournament would have to be played behind closed doors. If the tournament were played without spectators, I think the best players on the circuit would have a hard time. They could not bring the whole team to the full, but they are able to continue to be superior to the rest We will have to be vigilant if the fact of playing without an audience can affect the mood of the players. “

-Kyrgios seems to be preaching in the example:

“Although people may not believe it, Kyrgios has always led by example. He has always promoted a fun-based lifestyle and I don’t blame him. In recent weeks he is saying very consistent things and I think he has been right in criticism Zverev or Thiem, among others. “

– Should Djokovic resign as president of the Players Council?

“I think not. If one is exposed to a charge of this caliber, it is normal that on some occasion there is criticism for any reason. He should not pay for what happened on the Adria Tour. His situation reminds me of what happened to me. me in 1988 when I was criticized by many players and only Tim Mayotte supported me. Currently all the members of the big three are members of the Players Council and should work together to make tennis bigger. “