Buy one laptop it is an important and sometimes difficult process. Many people look for a laptop with features necessary for work, that has enough space for university tasks or video games, that does not weigh much to take it everywhere, and, above all, that it is accessible to our pocket.

All the mentioned characteristics are not difficult to find, since the HUAWEI Matebook D series Enter this category that you are looking to facilitate the day to day for its users. And while cost can be a determining factor, functionality and efficiency should not be sacrificed.

The news HUAWEI Matebook D14 and D15 They are the new products that will soon be added to the local portfolio just as the HUAWEI Mate 30 Pro and the HUAWEI Y7p have done. This 2020 they come with more power and improving their design, with smaller frames and hiding the camera on the keyboard.

Pay a lot of attention! Here are the main reasons why you want to buy a HUAWEI Matebook D:

1.- Powerful performance

The HUAWEI Matebook D series is powered by a 12nm AMD Mobile Ryzen ™ 5 3500U processor that offers powerful performance while maintaining a high level of stability and reliability. Additionally, it features an AMD Radeon Vega 8 graphics processing unit (GPU), allowing the user to view images of the highest possible quality.

2.- Multiplatform ecosystem

Having access to your files at all times has become a requirement for work and personal life, however, not all devices can satisfy this need. Poor connectivity, overloaded wifi networks, and faulty cables are some of the obstacles we face every day. However, with Huawei Share, the HUAWEI Matebook D has found a way to defeat these everyday problems, because you will be able to manipulate many of the apps that you have downloaded from the AppGallery, the app store that comes pre-installed on computers such as the recently-installed computer. HUAWEI Y7p released.

3.- Design

What makes this HUAWEI Matebook D so special is its chic and aesthetic design with an elegant gray finish and HUAWEI FullView display. Ultra-thin bezels and an integrated camera on the keyboard make it possible to reduce its dimensions and allow the device to have a large screen in a portable body.

4.- Versatility and Flexibility

The Matebook D offers the user the opportunity to use the computer not only as a tool for work and productivity, but also as an entertainment center. One of the main characteristics that its processor adds is that of offering a higher speed that allows the user to play with most video games of the moment.

5.- Immersive Screen

Life is made up of images that transport us to different moments, this is why Huawei has decided to include an immersive screen that adapts perfectly to any content. Measuring just 322.5mm x 214.8mm x 15.9mm and weighing 1.38kg, the HUAWEI Matebook D 14 is one of the smallest and lightest laptops on the market and offers a comprehensive viewing experience. Meanwhile, the HUAWEI Matebook D 15, with its 357.8mm x 229.9mm x 16.9mm and 1.53kg of weight, is also a leader in its category.

6.- Eye Protection

The panel of the new HUAWEI Matebook D series is TÜV Rheinland certified for its low blue light emission, allowing better eye protection.

7.- Long-lasting battery

It also features a high-capacity (56 Wh) battery, which allows up to 9.5 hours of continuous 1080p video playback on a single charge. This functionality gives users the freedom to use the computer without having to worry about the power percentage.

8.- Cooling system

Another of the innovations that the Matebook D line has is its cooling system. To keep the temperature at optimal levels, fans and software work together through a solution inspired by the shark fin that is known as the Huawei Shark Fin Fan. With the new S-shaped blades, HUAWEI Shark Fin Fan 2.0, airflow dynamics are optimized to improve cooling and system performance, as well as reduce heat and sound, by up to 3 decibels. This allows optimizing the performance of the laptop, since it works at a lower temperature.

9.- Security and Privacy

As for security, the Matebook D series offers two elements that will protect users permanently. On the one hand, it has One Touch functionality, which combines fingerprint reading with the power button, allowing system activation and user authentication in an instant. Additionally, the built-in camera is typically disabled below a key in the keyboard’s function bar, physically preventing any intrusion on privacy.


– In Peru the Matebook D14 is already in presale at S /. 2099, in the different distribution centers of Huawei.

– You can now make your reservation by registering here.