Match preview: City of Lucena

05/15/2021 at 12:21 PM CEST

Next Sunday at 12:00 the match of the final day of the Second Phase of the Third Division will take place for al Lucena City and to Ceuta in the Lucena City Stadium.

The Lucena City He wants to be reunited with victory in the match corresponding to the sixth day after suffering a defeat against him Xerez Deportivo in the previous match by a result of 2-0. Since the beginning of the competition, the hosts have won in two of the five matches played so far with a figure of 39 goals for and 21 against.

Regarding the visiting team, the Ceuta achieved a zero draw against the Salerm Puente Genil, adding a point in the last match played in the competition, so he comes to the game with the pretense of staying this time with the three points. To date, of the five games that the team has played in the Second Phase of the Third Division, it has won one of them with a figure of 31 goals in favor and 23 against.

As a local, the Lucena City has won once and has lost once in two games played so far, values ​​that may seem encouraging to him Ceuta, as they show a certain weakness of the premises in the meetings that take place in the Lucena City Stadium. In the role of visitor, the Ceuta has a balance of a defeat and a draw in two games that he has played so far, so in theory it could be a favorable match for the Lucena City add a positive result at home.

The rivals had already met before in the Lucena City Stadium and the balance is two defeats in favor of Lucena City. Likewise, the visitors accumulate full of victories in the stadium of the Lucena City, as they have already won two away games. The last time they played the Lucena City and the Ceuta in this tournament it was in November 2019 and the match concluded with a 1-0 favorable to the Ceuta.

Right now, between the Lucena City and the Ceuta there is a difference of 13 points in the classification. The Lucena City He has 47 points in the box, ranking fourth. For his part, Ceuta it has 34 points and ranks fifth in the competition.

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