Masvidal, rematch without excuses –

Jorge Masvidal accepted with a week’s notice to fight Kamaru Usman at UFC 251. Despite the urgency, the American showed his face and forced the champion to need the cards to retain the welterweight championship. From the first moment he demanded a rematch assuring that “with a complete preparation” he would have won. The truth is that the African clearly prevailed, but at certain times, Masvidal put him in trouble. The emotion was there despite a broad decision. They should give him that second fight, and although it cost, he has it.

That fight was in July, the PPV that opened Fight Island, and the rematch will take place in another significant event. It will be the first time, since March 7, 2020 (UFC 246), that a UFC show has an audience in the United States. Tickets flew. The fans are looking forward to live sports and more from this match. Between one fight and another, Masvidal has been waiting for the opportunity and Usman has been active. In February, the Nigerian gave the opportunity to Burns, an initial rival in July who fell from contracting covid, and knocked him out. It arrives with the indestructible band.

Without a doubt the champion is favorite. For that band, because he comes with a 17-win streak, because he is a four-time welterweight monarch … the reasons for giving him that role are many, but if anyone can put him in trouble, it is Masvidal. The American, of Cuban and Peruvian parents, is unpredictable. He developed as a fighter on the streets of Miami and the intelligence that is learned there is not lost. So he knocked out Ben Askren, for example, and has the explosiveness to surprise him. Can you do it? Usman seems impregnable and if he imposes his fighting level, the fight looks like it will have the same story as the first one … but when someone like Masvidal gets into the cage, anything can happen. He asked for an opportunity to arrive well prepared. It is their moment.

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