Masters Rome 2021: Rafa Nadal wants more: equals all 36 titles of Djokovic in the Masters 1,000

Updated 05/16/2021 – 20:22

Rafael Nadal will probably never reach the 109 titles of Jimmy Connors nor the 103 of Roger Federer. And it is that he has reduced his calendar to the maximum to extend his career. But he is already on the heels of the player who occupies the third place in that ranking and who is none other than Ivan Lendl.

This retired with 94 wound and Nadal already accumulates with today’s a total of 88. At the moment, the Balearic equaled Novak Djokovic for the all-time top 1,000 Masters category trophies with a total of 36.

To find the last time the 10-time champion of Rome had prevailed in a TMS had to go back to Montreal 2019 when he ended the resistance of Russian Daniil Medvedev.

His status as the best player of all time in brick dust is indisputable: of his 88 victories a total of 62 have been on slow pitch.

In the same way, he remains one triumph from equaling the head-to-head with Djokovic: 29 to 28. And it is that three of the last four direct duels between the two have fallen on their side. And on the horizon … Paris.

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