Masters Roma 2021: Rafa Nadal: “I would prefer to wait a year to celebrate the Games”

Updated 05/15/2021 – 18:36

Rafael Nadal was satisfied to reach for the twelfth time in his career the final of the 1,000 Masters in Rome, the tournament that is the prelude to Roland Garros, the ‘Grand Slam’ of the land that the Spaniard has conquered 13 times.

Take off from Opelka. “When you play these kinds of games you know it won’t be pretty because I won’t find the rhythm. Sometimes not a single option of ‘break’. You have to be focused all the time with the serve. I think I just had to face break options in a game. I’ve done two ‘breaks’ and in two sets. Being in the final in Rome means a lot to me. ”

Djokovic, possible finalist and the influence of the result for what is to come. “What happens here is not going to have an impact for two weeks in Paris. I want to win because we are in Rome. I believe that my preparation for Roland Garros is already done because I have made a good process in the last month. played the four tournaments that I had planned. The only really negative game was Rublev’s in Monte Carlo. What I want right now is to play a good game and let’s see. I’m playing better and better. Here, I had a complicated and I’m in the final. I’ve been on the track for a long time and I have two weeks left for Roland Garros after Rome. “

13, a bad number. “I think that if I take 13 Roland Garros titles it won’t be bad at all.”

Day or night session in Paris. “I always prefer to play during the day, but I am one more player and I will accept what the organization says.”

Olympic Games this summer. “I cannot say whether they should be celebrated or not. What has to be done will be done. Decisions have been made prioritizing the health of athletes and citizens. On a romantic level, I would prefer that they wait another year because the majority of the population will already be vaccinated. The biggest sport festival without an audience is less. “

Physical advantage for both matches of the other finalist. “I believe that all tennis players are prepared. I have had a very tough week. I do not think that what happens today has a definitive impact. I have spent a week of tension on the court and I have it on top of me.”

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