Masters Roma 2021: Rafa Nadal dusts off a record from other times: the only tennis player with 10 titles in four tournaments

Updated 05/16/2021 – 20:15

Rafael Nadal has many of the great records in tennis history: total number of ‘Grand Slam’ titles, tied at 20 with Roger Federer, total of 816 weeks in the ‘top10’, most titles on clay (61), most consecutive wins on slow pitch (81), a total of 18 consecutive seasons with at least one trophy …

The Spaniard includes from today a new record in his long career. He has become the first player in history capable of adding a minimum of 10 crowns in four different events: Roland Garros (13), Barcelona (12), Monte Carlo (11) and Rome (10).

So tiebreaker with Jean Borotra. One of the ‘musketeers’ of French tennis won 12 times at the Cope Albert Canet, between 1921 and 1938; another 12 at the French Covered Court Championships, between 1922 and 1947, and 11 at the British Covered Court Championships, between 1926 and 1949.

In the Open Era, only Roger Federer has brought together so much success in the same tournament. He won up to 10 titles on the grass of Halle and on the hard surface under cover of Basel, his hometown.

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