Masters Roma 2021: Nadal gives the scare in Rome after suffering a fall when trying to reach a ball from Zverev

Updated 05/14/2021 – 13:22

Rafa Nadal gave the scare in his quarter-final match of the Rome Masters 1000 against Zverev. The Spaniard suffered a strong fall when he tried to reach a ball that had fallen short near the net. The Spaniard ran but stumbled before reaching the ball and ended up on the ground after a spectacular somersault.

Nadal was trying at that time to close the first set of the clash against Zverev. Despite the important cost, which led him to spend a few seconds lying on the track, Nadal even hit and put the ball on the track, although he lost the point. Finally, the Spaniard took the first set 6-3.

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