‘Masters of the Universe: Revelation’: Kevin Smith responds to haters for the controversy with He-Man


* This article reveals details of the plot of ‘Masters of the Universe: Revelation’

A few days ago the first batch of episodes of the revival of ‘Masters of the Universe’ arrived on Netflix, with Kevin Smith as showrunner. Although it was met with positive reviews, a sector of the public has ended up very angry with the drift of the plot, especially for the role of He-Man. If you have not seen it yet, stop reading because we mentioned important details of these new episodes.

Prince Adam has a very minor role in ‘Masters of the Universe: Revelation’ because he sacrifices himself to defeat Skeletor in the first chapter. Sarah Michelle Gellar’s character Teela takes the title role in search of a way to resurrect him. That is the starting point of the Netflix series that takes up the mythical animated fiction of the 80s decades later. A certain sector of fans considers that the streaming platform “has loaded” ‘Masters of the Universe’ for giving the center of the story to a female character and not to He-Man. Of course, they have once again used the technique of “review bombing”, lowering the score on portals such as IMDB, to show their position.

In an interview with Variety, Smith responds to those complaints: “I know some people are saying ‘man, this series is progressive’. I think, ‘Okay, great, so so were the cartoons that we’re doing a sequel to. See it again. There are girls in every chapter. Get over’. It’s been interesting to see who is a real fan for anyone who says ‘man, He-Man doesn’t come out enough’ or something similar doesn’t understand the series it’s based on. There were episodes where he lost his sword and never became He-Man. It’s not like He-Man always saves the day. His friends helped him. That was the damn point of the series. “Regarding that” evil plan “that some see to take the role of He-Man in pursuit of feminism, he says:”I see people on the internet saying ‘man, they want to get rid of He-Man!’ Do you really think that Mattel Television, who have hired me and paid me, want to do a fucking ‘Masters of the Universe’ series without He-Man? Grow up man. My head exploded to see a group of people say ‘oh, I smell it. This is bait to change later. ‘

“Death is not always the end”

In addition to being comfortable in this interview, Kevin Smith continued trolling the haters on his Twitter account, taking advantage of the fact that he recently announced that he is going to make a third installment of his classic ‘Clerks’. This is what he put in a message accompanied by a photo with a tired face: “In a week I turn 51, we will start filming ‘Clerks III’. But at noon the cast will read the script for the first time! You’ll see when Brian O’Halloran finds out that we killed his character in the first act. My storyteller senses tell me that people universally love that topic.… “. And just in case it was not clear that this is only the beginning, in this video published by Netflix the showrunner explains that” death is not always the end “and that” he knows a guy who has told him that He-Man may come back. “

The second part of the season of ‘Masters of the Universe: Revelation’ will arrive coming soon to Netflix.

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