4-1. ANOTHER NADAL BREAK! Rafa puts the direct towards the round of 16 of one of his favorite tournaments.

3-1 (30-0). Constant errors of Carreno who seems to have definitely thrown in the towel before a Nadal that continues without respite.

3-1. Solve Nadal, that confirms the advantage on the scoreboard by maintaining his next game at service. The feeling it gives Carreno is that it cannot.

2-1 (40-40). Don’t want to give up Carreño, that holds after 40-15 of Nadal.

2-1. NADAL BREAK! The physique fails Carreno at key moments. You are overly experiencing the fatigue of the past two weeks. The number two traces the game and approaches eighth of the Rome Masters 1000.

1-1 (30-40). Good serves now from Carreño, who seems to react and dominate with his services. He remains alive in the match, for the moment.

1-1. Gives no options Nadal with your service. Blank game for Manacor.

0-1. With many problems, but he takes his service forward Carreño.

0-0 (40-Ad). Back in advantage Carreno after what Nadal has had another break point.

0-0 (40-Ad). Is replenished Pablo Carreño. Great serve and great right to the line to get an advantage.

0-0 (40-30). It is costing a lot to Carreno keep your service. The Asturian is not well. The game started solid from the back of the court, but Nadal it is surpassing him in all aspects. It seems out of the game.

Final first set: Nadal – Carreño 6-1

6-1. Ace to close the first set! Rafael Nadal he takes the first round in 36 minutes of play.

5-1 (40-0). Three set points for Nadal. About to close the first set, after an ace on the second serve.

5-1. Puts the direct Nadal thanks to the mistakes of Carreño. Blank game to the rest for Rafa, who will serve to close the first set.

4-1. Very solid Rafael Nadal that confirms the break in with his serve. Close the game at 15, without giving options to Carreño.

3-1. NADAL BREEEEAK! Very powerful right hand to the line before which he can not do anything Carreño. Rafa comes forward.

2-1 (Ad-40). Advantage for Rafa Nadal to the rest. Second break point for the manacorí so far in the game.

2-1. Now solve Nadal by fast track his serve. Blank game to go to the first break on the court up on the scoreboard.

1-1. It also grants Carreno a breaking ball, but eventually he takes his serve. He suffers a lot, how could it be otherwise, in the rally with Nadal, but taking advantage of his first services he manages to get his game forward.

1-0. It has to be used thoroughly Nadal to get the first game forward in this Masters 1000 of Rome. very good Carreño, holding the rally from the back of the court. He came to have a break point.

0-0 (40-40). Nadal service is complicated after serving to close it blank. Double fault that forces the ‘deuce’.

0-0. Starts the match! Nadal takes out, who takes the first point.

19:11. Match about to start. They already heat up Nadal and Carreno on the arena of the Foro Italico.

18:50. The second round match of the Rome Masters 1000 between Rafael Nadal and Pablo Carreño It is scheduled for 7:00 p.m. on the central court of the Foro Italico. In theory, there are 10 minutes left for both players to take to the court.

18:40. Rafael Nadal and Pablo Carreño debut today in the second round of Rome Masters 1000. Their position in the ranking brings them closer to reaching the final rounds, where the current world number 2 is a fixture. In fact, he is the most successful player in the history of the tournament, which he uses in preparation for Roland Garros every season, and where he has won nine times.

18:25. Nadal does not exactly have an easy rival on his return. In front you will have Pablo Carreño, who comes from playing the semifinals of the United States Open. The Asturian does not arrive in a very good moment and will not give the manacorí facilities, even if he does not play on his favorite surface.

18:14. Rafael Nadal He is back on the slopes today after a six-month break. After the pandemic, the tennis player was not on the North American mini-tour, absent from Cincinatti and the US Open. From Acapulco, at the end of February, the Spanish did not compete and did so with victory, adding a new title to his record.

18:00. Welcome to the live broadcast of the Rafa Nadal – Pablo Carreño! He Rome Masters 1000 leaves us a fratricidal duel in the second round. Nadal defends the title and hopes to win his first game after a six-month break due to the coronavirus, but Carreño will not make it easy for him to move to the next round.

The Asturian comes from signing some semifinals at the US Open, where only Zverev in five sets could with him. Today he changes the hard court of New York for the clay of the Foro Italico, where last year he was not able to pass the first round, losing to Shapovalov in straight sets. In the search to continue his good streak, the best player crosses the surface.

Rafael Nadal It comes after more than six months without competing. His last game, victory and title date back to March 1, when he beat Taylor Fritz in the Acapulco final. Before his compatriot will begin climbing towards his tenth conquest of the tournament Roman.