‘MasterChef Junior 8’ improves on its predecessor and serves a good 13% on average

A cycle in the ‘MasterChef’ format closes with the eighth edition of ‘MasterChef Junior’. Aurora rose as the winner after defeating Nicolás in the final duel after six weeks full of cooked. This edition has maintained the weekly delivery, as the previous one did, although, unlike the seventh, it has reported better data.

The jury of ‘MasterChef Junior 8’ together with the winner Aurora

‘MasterChef Junior 8’ closes the edition reaping an average of 13% and 1,662,000 viewers. This is an improvement over the previous edition, which was the least seen. Thus, it surpasses it in +1.3 points of screen quota and in +50,000 viewers, breaking with the downward trend of recent years.

Stability during editing and high in the final

Unlike the previous year, ‘MasterChef Junior 8’ has managed to maintain stability throughout the edition, with an average very close to each other in most finery. In addition, none of them have fallen below the double digits. However, the emission that marked minimum share was the second (12/22), with 11.1%, while at the spectator level was its premiere on December 15 with 1,359,000.

As we mentioned before, this edition has managed to remain stable and, when it has varied in share data, it has done so upwards. So, the maximum of both screen share and viewers lived it in its final held on January 19, which brought together 1,874,000 viewers and 16.1%.

Audiences of the eighth edition of ‘MasterChef Junior’ in La 1Nº program DateSpectatorsShare115/12/2020 1,359,00011.6% 222/12/2020 1,493,00011.1% 329/12/2020 1,832,00013.5% 406/01/202011,859,00013 , 3% 512/01/202011,558,00012.6% 619/01/202011,874,00016.1% Average December 2020 – January 20 211,662,00013%

Second choice in four issues

‘MasterChef Junior 8’ started its broadcasts in third position, being surpassed by Antena 3, which in these six weeks has broadcast ‘Woman’ in coincidence with the exception of December 29 when ‘My daughter’ premiered. Telecinco surpassed the public the first two weeks with ‘The strong house: Secret code’ and « Beauty and the Beast. » However, as of week 3, the talent show left behind its season low and became the second choice of the night.

The children’s edition surpassed Telecinco, which coincided with the third and fourth broadcasts, and in the last two the new edition of ‘Come to dinner with me: Gourmet Edition’, which Despite the same culinary theme, he did not overshadow it. As for laSexta, he opted for ‘Divididos’ the first half that coincided with the talent show, the special on laSexta about the assault on the Capitol and the cinema in the last two installments. Cuatro has broadcast movies until the last two weeks that the third season of ‘The Good Doctor’ premiered.

Breaking the downward trend

This edition of ‘MasterChef Junior 8’ has managed to break with the downward trend that marked the talent show in the last two years. In this way, manages to improve to the seventh season, although it does not reach the data of the sixth. The eighth edition thus becomes the second least viewed and with the lowest share, not reaching 2 million viewers like its predecessor.