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This morning a COVID-19 contagion was reported inside the recordings of the famous TV Azteca cooking contest, MasterChef Celebrity México, in which some celebrities such as Laura Zapata, Stephanie Salas and the controversial actress Patricia Navidad participate, who refused to get vaccinated to participate in the program.

According to Gil Barrera, director of the entertainment magazine TVyNovelas, there are red lights in the program: “I am in a position to confirm that there are red lights in MasterChef Celebrity,” he tweeted, detailing that he will offer more information on the Jessie Cervantes radio program.

Likewise, the Twitter account specialized in entertainment content La Comadrita reported that the recordings had already been suspended, at least for 15 days. However, this would not affect the cooking contest’s premiere date.

In this same sense, according to what was reported by the entertainment journalist Álex Kaffie this morning, a Chef who participates in the program would have tested positive for COVID-19.

“TV Azteca was forced to stop the recording sessions of said program because on Friday one of the chefs who participated there tested positive for COVID-19,” the journalist wrote in his opinion column Sin Lisonja.

As announced in the official MasterChef account in Mexico, the premiere of this new edition of the success of the Ajusco television station will be next Friday, August 20. The program will be broadcast on Azteca Uno, the main channel of the television, at 7:30 p.m.

During this season of the culinary program, 20 people will take part in total, 10 men and 10 women. Of which “four are actresses, two actors, five singers, a referee, a fitness coach, a fashion designer, an influencer, a comedian, a polyathlete, a journalist and three television hosts will be competing face to face for the first place, ”reads the Azteca Uno website.

Alicia Machado, Jorge Aravena, Patricia Navidad, Stephanie Salas, David Salomón, William Valdés, Tony Balardy, Germán Montero, Laura Zapata, José Joel, Javi Vázquez, Daniela Alexis ‘La Bebeshita’, Aida Cuevas, Dalú, Mauricio Islas, Laura Flores , Matilde Obregón, Jimena “Choco” Pérez, Aristeo Cázares and Francisco ‘Paco’ Chacón will be the competitors.

In addition, during this season the program will welcome Rebecca de Alba, who joined the ranks of TV Azteca, after Anette Michel decided not to renew her contract with the broadcaster.

About her role as a host, Rebecca expressed herself with great emotion: “The kitchens are going to explode here. There is everything, the artist in general is very temperamental, each one has a personality that I cannot reveal name by name, but each one has such a diverse personality, each one knows how to cook or at least has an important base, and then it is that: the emotion, the challenge, the fact that the public loves this program very much ”.

Through the official account of the reality show, the jurors were also announced, who will already be the same from the last season of MasterChef México: chef Herrera, chef Betty and chef José Ramón.

Also chef Fernando Stovell will be part of the program. Although its participation will possibly be occasional, as in past broadcasts, as it is not in the promotional short.

Among other details that have been revealed about the program, Sylvia Pasquel recently announced that her daughter, Stephanie Salas, will be the winner of the first two challenges.

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