Former deputies of the PRO Nicolás Massot and Emilio Monzó They went this Friday to the Lomas de Zamora court to see the evidence of the follow-up they had been given. Infobae revealed the photos and reports that had them as protagonists, which included surveillance of their houses, their cars and their presence in Congress or going to the Casa Rosada. To Massot the spies called him « Wood »; Monzó was nicknamed « Llave ».

Monzó and Massot arrived at the court accompanied by their lawyers. They saw the blackboards that the court had prepared for them, like each of the people who parade as victims. Spy names, WhatsApp dialogues and follow-up photos were part of the presentation, along with a formal explanation of how he had been born with the cause with the sayings of drug trafficker Sergio « Vegetable”Rodríguez and how that led to raids and kidnappings.

They had already decided it when the case became known, at the beginning of June, as he had commented to his surroundings. However, the presence of both leaders had been delayed in the Lomas de Zamora courts when the news that the former governor had been infected with coronavirus two weeks ago María Eugenia Vidal. And the people who had had contact had been preventively isolated.

As you could know Infobae, Monzó and Massot carefully followed the presentation. « It was quite similar to what had been published, » his friends said. When they finished listening, they notified the judge of their intention to become plaintiffs.

Yesterday, Thursday, the deputy head of the Buenos Aires Government, Diego Santilli, The follow-up of which is framed under the name “Operativo Pibe”. It has already become a plaintiff. The details of their follow-up were also published in detail here. Even one of the spies who followed him came to ask him to take a photo together, posing as a neighbor when the Buenos Aires official walked the city.

The one who also became a plaintiff was the deputy of the PRO Waldo Wolff. How Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, Santilli, Monzó and Massot, Wolff’s name also made up the list of the first twenty victims summoned by Villena.

Wolff preferred not to give details of the content of what he had seen, as did several of those summoned to the cause. Sources of the case, however, pointed to Infobae They had shown him how the spies sought to find out about his patrimonial situation, took photos of his house and even elaborated on inquiries about some tweets where he was mentioned.

There are already five members of the government of Cambiemos that were filed in a lawsuit and where the presence of Vidal is expected. But to them we must add the figure of the vice president Cristina Kirchner, the mayor of FTP Jorge Ferraresi, the former mayor Pablo Bruera and the bishop Jorge Lugones, among others.

The list of complainants continued to swell with people who were detained during the Cambiemos administration. Entrepreneurs Fabián De Sousa and Gerardo Ferreyra and the former official of the Ministry of Planning Rafael Llorens They also declared and formalized the request to be victims in this investigation.

Among the former officials investigated appear Susana Martinengo, former director of Presidential Documentation; the former undersecretary of Municipal Affairs and deputy Alex Campbell; and Mauricio Macri’s former private secretary, Darío Nieto, whose home was raided on Thursday afternoon

A day earlier, his defense had been presented in the federal courts of Lomas de Zamora because his name had been seen in the media related to this issue. There, Nieto left a letter advising that he was making himself available to the court. « From now on and without knowing the facts, much less the evidence in particular of the process that leads, beyond what arises in the journalistic media, I must declare that I am absolutely alien to them, » said Nieto. any imputation construction that is intended to be fabricated on my person will be completely false from beginning to end ”.