Massive fire at San Francisco pier: US on alert for fish warehouse

A fire massive exploded in a warehouse on the coast of San Francisco, United States, early Saturday morning, rapidly increasing to four alarms when more than 100 firefighters rushed to fight the fire.

Firefighters began responding to 911 calls from a fire on the Taylor and Jones Street boardwalk around 4:20 a.m. The arriving crews faced huge flames that engulfed the warehouse, forcing them to adopt a defensive posture.

The warehouse contained a large fish processing operation: Caito Fisheries, family owned. The company is a major processor for the Northern California crab fleet.

The structure began to collapse shortly after the arrival of firefighters. The San Francisco Fireboat 3 appeared on the scene, fighting the flames alongside the American freedom ship SS Jeremiah O’Brien, but the fire had spread below the dock. The streets around the Fisherman’s Wharf neighborhood have been closed.

No one knows the origin of the fire in San Francisco

Firefighters said the massive fire had spread to other structures on the dock. At 6:40 a.m., firefighters had the fire contained but would not be extinguished for hours.

The fire could be seen for miles. A large column of smoke covered much of the San Francisco Bay, from Sausalito to Oakland. Several residents have reported on social media that they can smell smoke.

Visitors to San Francisco’s popular Fisherman’s Wharf are very familiar with the pier, as it has several vintage warships docked alongside it.

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No injuries were reported to firefighters and an investigation will determine the cause of the fire at the San Francisco pier in the United States.