Music is pure medicine for the soul, it always knows how to save us in difficult moments like the ones we are still living this 2020. Fortunately, many bands and artists have raffled off, dusting some songs that they had stored around there, but many others are releasing tracks that they just composed in the middle of the quarantine and that is just the case for Massive Attack.

After almost four years of having released his latest EP’s, Ritual Spirit and The Spoils, Grant Marshall and Robert Del Naja are back with an extremely interesting project, because it is an audiovisual experiencel. Earlier this week, the band members shared some very interesting images on Instagram, announcing that they would be releasing new record material, but now it’s official.

Surprise!  Massive Attack releases 'Eutopia', their new audiovisual EP

This is the cover of ‘Eutopia’, the new EP from Massive Attack / Photo via Instagram: @ robert3delnaja


We didn’t have to wait that long to listen to new Massive Attack music

In these images they mentioned a new EP called Eutopia, of which they did not announce anything else. No song list and release date, Massive Attack left us waiting for more details about it, which we thought it would reveal little by little. And fortunately for all the fans they have around the world, This July 10, the trip-hop duo decided to simply release it.

This material is a collection of three songs that Robert Del Naja and Grant Marshall worked in quarantine. Some old acquaintances of the group, such as Young Fathers –Who were in his last EP–, the writer and musician Saul Williams and the American band, Algiers. As if this wasn’t enough, the songs are accompanied by a series of amazing images, which go completely with this project.

Massive Attack, Pussy Riot and more at the festival within 'Minecraft'Massive Attack, Pussy Riot and more at the festival within 'Minecraft'

Robert Del Naja from Massive Attack in March 2019. / .

What is this new EP from Massive Attack about?

According to NME, this project was recorded in three different cities during the quarantine, and was produced by Robert del Naja and the British director, Mark Donne. It is not a secret that within the duo’s songs there are a lot of political messages, that is why In this new EP they decided to talk about some of the issues that concern all humanity right now, in addition to the coronavirus.

The record material that Massive Attack released, is inspired by the arguments in favor of changing the world system from the author of the United Nations Paris Climate Agreement, Christiana Figueres, founder of the Principle of Universal Basic Income, professor Guy standing, and inventor of the “Wealth Tax” policy of the United States, Professor Gabriel Zucman.

Massive Attack will release a new EP after six years!Massive Attack will release a new EP after six years!

Massive Attack on the 21-year ‘Mezzanine’ tour / Photo: .

What do the Massive Attack members say about this album?

According to the same source and talking about his new EP, Massive Attack explained the reasons that led them to compose new music right now: “The confinement exposed the best aspects and the worst defects of humanity. That period of uncertainty and anxiety forced us to meditate on the evident need to change the harmful systems in which we live.

“Working with three experts, we have created a sonic and visual dialogue around these global and structural issues, taking the form of a climate emergency, extraction of tax havens and universal basic income. The spirit of this EP, its elements and ideas have nothing to do with the naive notions of an ideal and perfect world, and everything to do with the urgent and practical need to build something better ”, concluded the group.

Surprise!  Massive Attack releases 'Eutopia', their new audiovisual EPSurprise!  Massive Attack releases 'Eutopia', their new audiovisual EP

Robert Del Naja and Grant Marshall in Dublin / Photo: .

Stop what you are doing and Enjoy the audiovisual experience that Massive Attack brings for us with Eutopia, his new EP:

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