Massiel, Lydia Lozano, Kiko Matamoros … Rocío Carrasco points to the “marionettes” of Antonio David

This Wednesday, Telecinco issued the sixth chapter of Rocío, tell the truth to stay alive. The documentary, which is shaking up the television landscape of the last 20 years, dealt with the accusations of abuser towards Fidel Albiac. At first, Carrasco recalled that Antonio David said that Fidel Albiac forced Antonio David and Rocío Carrasco’s son to call him “papa”, something that she denied. Moreover, he said that Fidel used to correct the little boy, telling him that he “was not his father.”

Later, he went back to the moment in which the nanny in charge of his children sold an exclusive that said that Fidel Albiac mistreated Rocío Carrasco. As he explained, this was also a artifice of the Civil Guard, who offered a large amount of money to the nanny, Irma, for it. However, when trying to sell the exclusive, the media told him that they needed a complaint to publish something so strong.

Therefore, the babysitter went to the police station and put a complaint that was quickly filed as it was considered not very credible, and of which Rocío Carrasco was not even informed, according to what he said. However, this process was enough for the information to be published one day when the young woman was working on the Mª Teresa Campos program.

After hours crying, he responded live, assuring that what was published was lie “fuck whoever fucked up” and that the only thing Fidel Albiac did was take care of her and be aware of her at all times. The format also illustrated when collaborators like Massiel reinforced the version of abuse.

In them, both the singer and Antonio David pointed to what looked like a mark under his eye. According to them, it was a black eye from a blow from his partner. For his part, Carrasco clarified that it was an eye swollen from so many hours of crying non-stop, and pointed out to the defenders of the Civil Guard: “Massiel, Coto Matamoros at that time and Kiko Matamoros now, Lydia Lozano … they were all his puppets and he was hiding behind them, “he concluded.