Massacre in Reynosa would have been to ‘heat the square’


Four days after the death of 15 people who were executed by armed commandos in the city of Reynosa tamaulipas, A video that was uploaded to social networks began to go viral and shows a couple of alleged police officers who interrogate an individual lying in a hospital bed and in their responses betrays the head of the gang who allegedly ordered them to commit the massacre.

The alleged hit man, identified as Jonathan, says they arrived from Rio Bravo to “heat up the plaza” and gave the alias “El Maestrín”, who allegedly ordered the attacks in Reynosa.

The subject claims to have ridden in a Ford Fusion vehicle, one of which was seized by state police in a first confrontation that occurred on the Rio Bravo-Matamoros highway, near the Pharr International Bridge, where an alleged criminal died and another was injured.

In addition to the rescue of two women who had been “lifted” in the Almaguer neighborhood in an execution of a person outside the facts and who was left inside a Ford F150 truck.

The relationship with the events is very similar to the reports that the Tamaulipas State Attorney General’s Office has given.

The agency confirmed that the massacres were committed by the cells of the Gulf Cartel known as “Ciclones”, which are located in the municipality of Matamoros and “Escorpiones”, which have their stronghold in Rio Bravo, an area in the Reynosa area.


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