MásMóvil incorporates the Energy service to its brand | News | Operators

MoreMobileFollowing the success of the launch of the energy service in other Group brands, “MásMóvil Energía” presents a new 100% green electric energy service.

With it, the operator offers its customers a simple offer that includes a monthly fee of € 6 (VAT included) which will be free for current MásMóvil customers. This fee includes energy management services and technology to offer maximum consumption information and savings tips to reduce consumption that is not needed.

The energy it provides is 100% green, meeting one of the Group’s values, which is sustainability, and reinforcing its commitment to being the operator with the greatest positive impact on people and the planet.

The price model of the new offer is designed so that a customer with an average consumption can obtain savings of around 20% compared to traditional electricity, which can mean around € 200 / year on average taking into account the price of current electricity.

These savings can be doubled depending on the rate that the client has and the savings advice that MásMóvil Energía is going to offer its clients.

MásMóvil incorporates the Energy service to its brand.

Meinrad Spenger, CEO of the MásMóvil Group He said: “We continue to be very excited about being able to extend the market’s 100% green energy service to customers of other brands in our Group. This launch will allow us to continue generating significant savings for our customers, while helping to increase their level of satisfaction and increase the consumption of renewable energies in Spain ”.

The offer is composed of three rates: A single price, hourly discrimination and electric car rate. The objective of this solution is for each client to find the rate that best suits their consumption and allows them to save as much as possible. And, if the customer does not choose the perfect rate (or changes their habits), proactively recommends through a technological platform (App / Web) the rate change, with detailed savings data.

The offer is also available for freelancers and SMEs with powers of up to 15kWh.

An App with cutting-edge technology

The operator also integrates in its own app developed by the Group (available for Apple and Android devices) and in its Private Client Area, a leading technology platform in the sector to offer its clients digital tools, not only for checking consumption and bills, but also control so as not to overspend that includes: Detailed consumption graphs, personalized studies of the home, consumption comparisons with similar households and savings tips in the short, medium and long term to help the client reduce to the maximum the cost in the invoice and the energy impact on the planet.

The process to contract the electricity service for a client who already has the services contracted with this brand, is very simple: The change is made automatically, without any type of cut in the electricity and is completely free. In addition, the service does not have permanence and no technical visits to the home or paperwork are necessary.

The process can be done in less than 5 minutes completely online or by phone with the help of specialized advisers. Only a recent invoice with the current company is needed to verify the expected savings and carry out the entire process.

MásMóvil Energía can be contracted on the web masmovilenergia.es, through the free phone number 1520 and in the entire network of MásMóvil and MASlife stores.