Masks on the street are no longer mandatory, but with exceptions

After almost a year using the masks on the street in Spain, as of June 26 we will be able to take a break with the new norm announced by the Ministry of Health. However, the fact that the measures are relaxed a bit does not mean that the pandemic has disappeared. We must remain cautious. First of all, because we have not yet reached the group immunity. In second place; because, even vaccinated, we can catch it and spread it. With a very high probability if this occurs the condition will be mild, but it can help to spread.

Therefore, after the announcement of this relaxation from wearing face masks on the street, the Minister of Health, Carolina Darias, has also pointed out some exceptions that we must take into account. Basically, they are all based on one: outdoor use will not be mandatory if one can be maintained. 1.5 meter distance. In the rest of the cases, we will have to continue as before. But let’s see it with some examples.

Masks on the street yes, but with exceptions

Scientific evidence indicates that outdoors, if the safety distance is maintained, the probability of coronavirus infections falls to practically disappear.

To approach a kiosk, even if it is on the street, we will have to put on a mask

It is the reason why this modification has been made in the regulations. However, for enter any trade, restaurant or other establishment, we will have to continue using a mask. So, it will be mandatory that we always carry one on top.

It does not matter that the establishment has air exchange or open windowsIf it is a closed place, we will have to continue wearing face masks.

But there are also exceptions for which we will have to wear masks on the street. For example, if we go to a outdoor show in which the audience is standing, without a safety distance. This also applies to other mass events, such as demonstrations. However, if we are in an open-air show, in which each person has their seat and they have the appropriate separation, it will not be necessary to cover ourselves.

Another exception for which we must also wear a mask on the street is that of the outdoor shops. If, for example, we go to a bar with a bar to the outside or a kiosk, we must use the mask, since to talk to the clerk we will not be able to keep our distance. In the same way, although this point has not been discussed, in hospitality terraces it would be advisable to put on the mask when the waiter come over to talk to us. They sure appreciate it. The same happens if we are walking and someone comes to tell us something.

Finally, we must not forget that the public transport It is still a closed place, so there, even if distances are maintained, we will continue as before.

It is not mandatory to wear it, but neither not not to

Many people have already stated that they prefer to continue using face masks on the street. They are as free to wear them as not to. For this reason, from the 26th it will be important that we also respect those who decide to continue as before.

We must celebrate this new phase, without a doubt. But above all we must show that we are capable of be civic and respect others. Respect the waiter who spends the day approaching strangers to hear what they want to drink. To the friend, not living together, who comes to tell you something on the street. And, of course, who prefers to continue using outdoor masks for a longer time. We said that we would come out better from this pandemic. So much has happened that we have questioned it on numerous occasions. But we can still show that we are capable of taking care of ourselves and others. Then let’s do.

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