Shortly after the mandatory use of masks for children was decreed, the College Organization of Nursing released some advice on its correct use, which we should all follow. These recommendations include new rules for the use of the mask on the street, in shops and bars. They also mention mistakes that we should avoid, such as storing it in a plastic bag, or throwing it away.

Mask use guide, step by step

Before putting on the mask, apply a sunscreen cream, as the mask does not protect the skin from the sun. Then, wash your hands well with soap and water.

Put on a clean mask and fit it over your face. When you leave home you should always wear it and should not touch it. If you need to move it or take it off, hold it by the rubber bands, behind your ear. When you go to eat or drink, remove it from one ear while holding it hanging, held by one side.

You can also keep your mask, and for this the most suitable is place it in an envelope or paper bagAlthough you can use a cloth envelope or in the case of your glasses.

Expressly, it is mentioned that It is forbidden to store the coronavirus mask in a plastic bag. The humidity that is generated within a plastic material favors the proliferation of pathogens.

How to dispose of the mask is very important. You should not throw it away anywhere, but wait to get home, place it in a plastic bag, close it and discard it in the container.

Mistakes you should not make when using the mask

One of the most frequent errors that involves a risk of contagion is using the mask improperly. This should completely cover the nose and mouth. You should not wear it on the chin or as a headband.

You shouldn’t take it off either. Once you leave home, you should use it at all times, without touching it. You cannot wear it on your wrist, wear it as a bracelet, or hang it on your glasses.

If you don’t remove your mask, you can avoid one of the mistakes that the health authorities mention: leave it on the table or a bar counter or from a trade. Nor should you leave it anywhere, put it in your pockets, put it in your bag, or shake it to air it out.

The Spanish Society for Microbiology recommends follow all these tips and avoid these mistakes so that the use of the mask is effective to avoid the spread of the coronavirus.

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