‘Mask Singer’ reveals the identity of the winner and the division breaks out in the networks

Arturo Valls and Erizo in the finale of the second season of ‘Mask Singer’. (Photo: ANTENA 3)

There is already a winner of the second season of Mask Singer, and the networks do not know very well how to react. On Thursday night, the Antena 3 format held the final gala, where Monstruita, Banana, Egg and Hedgehog have faced each other.

And it has been the latter who has finally proclaimed himself the winner of the contest. The researchers bet on Antonio Carmona, Manuel Carrasco, El Cordobés and Fran Rivera.

But none of them were right, because under the mask of Erizo was Joaquín Cortés.

Before, the identities of the other three finalists were revealed: Anne Igartiburu was Monstruita, María Pombo Huevo and Willy Bárcenas was hiding under the mask of Plátano.

Throughout each week of broadcast, the program has managed to amaze the four researchers –Javier Calvo, Javier Ambrossi, Paz Vega and José Mota– and the audience with a spectacular casting: La Toya Jackson (Menina), Isabel Preysler (Gatita ), Esperanza Aguirre (Butterfly), Mel Be (Medusa), Paloma San Basilio (Angel), Eva Hache (Cactus), Josep Pedrerol (Frog), José Manuel Calderón (Dog), Mar Flores (Flamenco), María Zurita (Dragon) ) and Bertín Osborne (Crocodile).

The networks have been on fire throughout the broadcast of the final of Mask Singer. But the opinions and reactions about the winner – world famous dancer, choreographer, director and producer – seem to have divided the audience, a lot.

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