Mask Singer: Bertn Osborne and Ainhoa ​​Arteta, unmasked in the semi-final of ‘Mask Singer’: ‘Cocodrilo’ and ‘Paella’

Updated 07/22/2021 – 08:08

Singer and presenter Bertn Osborne and the soprano Ainhoa ​​Arteta have been the two unmasked from the semifinal of ‘Mask Singer: Guess Who Sings’ issued this Wednesday in Antenna 3 and presented by Arturo Valls, under the ‘Crocodile’ and the ‘Paella’, the second invited mask of the edition after Pepe Reina under the ‘Pingino’.

Crocodile and Paella in the semi-final of Mask SingerANTENA 3

Mask Singer 2: Bertn Osborne unmasked as Crocodile

To the surprise of many, Bertn Osborne, presenter of ‘My house is yours’ on Telecinco, was on Antena 3 hidden under the mask of’Alligator‘. They dismay bringing out their rockier side with the song ‘You shook me all night long’ by AC DC, and lost the duel with ‘Pltano’ for a spot in the final by voicing ‘Purple rain’ by Prince.

The investigator Javier Ambrossi He was the only one to guess the identity of the character. Javier Calvo gave the name of Miguel Ros, Paz Vega I bet for Loquillo and Jos Mota, by Carlos Moy.

Mask Singer 2: Ainhoa ​​Arteta unmasked as Paella

As for the other unmasking of the night, no investigator guessed his identity. Under ‘Paella‘, invited mask in this semifinal, was the soprano Ainhoa ​​Arteta, who sang to the rhythm of Meghan trainor.

Hedgehog, Little Monster, Egg and Banana, finalist masks from ‘Mask Singer’

After unmasking ‘Menina’ (La Toya Jackson), ‘Gatita’ (Isabel Preysler), ‘Mariposa’ (Esperanza Aguirre), ‘ngel’ (Paloma San Basilio), ‘Cactus’ (Eva Hache), ‘Rana’ (Josep Pedrerol) and ‘Medusa’ (Mel B), ‘Flamenco’ (Mar Flores), ‘Perro’ (Jos Manuel Caldern), ‘Pingino’ (Pepe Reina) and ‘Dragona’ (Mara Zurita), the identities of ‘Monster’, ‘Banana’, ‘Hedgehog’ and ‘Egg’, the four masks that have reached the final.

Mask Singer - masks - final

Finalist masks from Mask SingerANTENA 3

Who is hiding under those four masks? Who will wear the gold mask and be crowned the winner of the second edition of ‘Mask Singer: Guess Who Sings’? Everything will be discovered next Wednesday, July 29 at 10:45 p.m. on Antenna 3.

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