Masi explains what would have happened to Hamilton in the pits at the restart

The restart of the Hungarian Grand Prix Formula 1 left a surreal moment for posterity: only Lewis Hamilton was on the starting grid at the moment the traffic light went out, facing the first corner with no one behind while the other drivers left the pitlane after changing tires .

Michael Masi, career director of the Formula 1, explained what would have happened if Hamilton had also been called to the pits, or if he had decided of his own free will to swap the intermediate tires for the slicks.

“What would happen, what didn’t happen … [ ] If everyone had returned to the pitlane, the exit lights would have been activated as usual once the last car entered the pit area. At that moment the exit lights would have been activated. First the five red lights, then these would have gone out and the pit exit would have opened. “

“It’s something that no one could really foresee, but we will let things settle down and discuss it with all the sporting directors. Having talked to some of them, more or less, some have already commented, ‘Was it really a bad thing?’ “.

“When I saw Hamilton cross the Safety Car line and Ocon return to the pits, I couldn’t believe I only had one car on the grid. That had never happened to me before. I’d seen six on the grid in Indianapolis in 2005, but this time I only had one. He just for the reboot. It was a little different. “

The Russell case in the pitlane

Another case that caused a sensation in the early stages of the race after the restart was George Russell’s play, with which he quickly moved to the top positions.

Shortly after highlighting, the pilot of Williams he stepped aside, advancing slowly, until he regained his real position behind Fernando Alonso, to later take home some very important points for his team in the Constructors’ World Championship, together with his teammate Nicholas Latifi.

“Russell switched to a car in the pitlane at the start of the race, which is a very different scenario than usual and it was possible because Williams has the position closest to the pit lane exit. He should have waited to get back to his position. , and they should have come out in the order they came in, “Masi said.

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The Formula 1 race director also noted that no rival team filed a complaint at the restart seeing Russell so high up in the standings once he exited the pit lane. Williams, after that action, sent some delegates to speak with Masi and comment that Russell would quickly regain his real position so as not to incur any infraction.

“Nobody complained about what happened to Russell. Not that I remember. Williams came in and said, ‘We’re telling George to go back after Fernando.’ So George stopped immediately. It was absolutely right that Williams came to me on that one. moment, “concluded Masi.

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