Maserati Grecale: Would you like if its design looked like these renders?

The desire we have for meet the new Maserati Grecale there are many. So many, that although it is still necessary to see it live and direct, the rumors around its development have become a constant. In addition, the Italian house is taking care of “Prime” their arrival, as it is one of the models that should help you the most to grow in sales. The last time was days ago with the publication of a dark video teaser in which we did not see much.

So, to liven up the long wait, the first renders showing what your design could look like. This is one of the sections that is raising the most controversy, since there are those who indicate that it could wear a new aesthetic code. But there are also those who suggest that it could be a “rehash” of the MC20 with details of the MC20. Be that as it may, with these renderings we can get an idea of ​​where the shots will go.

The image of this Maserati Grecale is anodyne and very simple. Have they dared to create such a model?

Maserati Grecale rear render by Kolesa

Maserati Grecale rear render by Kolesa

The person in charge of shaping them, as on many occasions, has been Kolesa. For its creation it has taken into account the teasers published by Maserati as well as the images captured by spy photographers. Uniting its lines and volumes, he has devised this model that you can see and that certainly looks a lot like the Levante. Still, there are elements that have nothing to do with it, although the final result seems somewhat impost and lacking in coherence.

I explain. On the front we can see some optics very similar to those used by the recent MC20. Next to them there is a grill that, maintaining the size and design seen in the sports car, seems very small and not very proportionate. The side view It seems the most compensated, although you do not have to be a lynx to realize that this assembly is made on a Levante. And finally we have the rear, the area that least seems to curdle …

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Here we have some optical that, without being a copy of the ones you use JaguarThey do have a certain aftertaste. Another detail that we don’t quite like is the chrome band that joins them in the central area. In addition, as we saw in one of the spy photos that the brand itself published, it seems that in the center they are divided. All in all, we just have to wait to confirm if these renders are, or not, right. Hopefully this time it fails …

Source – Kolesa

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