Roland Claws keep counting and watching calendar sheets go by that you don’t have to celebrate. And all that remains is to remember, to remember how happy the French were when one of their own lifted the Grand Slam is the only way of thinking that can happen again. The last to get it, just now 20 years ago, has done just that, remembering what it means to win seven games in a row in the country’s capital. 20 years of glory Mary Pierce.

Little can be said of that 2000 edition for the French that the scope of what has been achieved cannot be achieved: Pierce won the title in singles, defeating Seles, Hingis and Conchita in a row, and also raised the scepter in doubles. A feat that has been going on for two decades and that silenced the gala when he attended “It’s incredible to think that 20 years have passed. I honestly can’t believe it!”

And that date was very special, and the public lived it, because since 1967 no woman had taken the title after 33 years. “The feelings and memories are still very fresh and alive. It was a very special moment in my life. It is very nice to be able to look back and remember all those incredible memories of when my dream in tennis came true.”

Packed with unique moments, few like the one that happened, and that Pierce does not take long to remember, before Monica Seles. A tweener who ‘threw’ the track down. “Monica Seles is a very tough opponent for me, I love Monica, she is a friend, I respect her a lot. She was just making me run from side to side, and I knew she was going to hit the ball to the other side. I didn’t even think, it was an automatic reflex. I just jumped, hit the ball, between my legs and jumped into the air. It was a miracle that I actually hit the ball. When I look at the pictures and look back, I say, ‘Oh my gosh, I didn’t think that I could jump so high! ‘

And is that although Mary Pierce also won in Australia, winning at home is a feeling that only those who are born in Australia, France, the United Kingdom or the United States share. The French does not forget the best moment of her career. “The most powerful and strongest emotions you could experience on a tennis court is playing a Grand Slam at home on the center court with an unleashed crowd. Winning Roland Garros, for me, was the most incredible experience in my career because it was when my The dream came true. Living that with the fans made it that much more special. “